CSI: Columbia

Crime scene investigation classes held at Shepherd

The techniques em-ployed in hit crime dramas like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation , and spin–offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY may seem like science fiction, but in fact, they mirror actual techniques used by crime scene investigators around the country and right here in Columbia. This is what members of The Shepherd’s Center of Columbia are learning in a nine–week […]

AC Moore celebrates 75th

The students, faculty and staff, and alumni of AC Moore Elementary School have 75 years worth of celebrating to do. On Friday, March 10, AC Moore will host alumni events to mark the school’s 75th anniversary. The school currently has around 350 students and has turned out a number of outstanding alumni over the years. Some of those alumni include […]

“Touch the heart, and teach the child” — Michele Taylor–Brown, Richland School District Two Teacher of the Year

Michele Taylor–Brown has unlocked a formula influencing hundreds of children during her 15 years as an elementary teacher. Her motto is “Touch the heart, and teach the child.” Taylor–Brown has been named 2005–06 teacher of the year at Rice Creek Elementary and teacher of the year for Richland School District Two. “My expectations for every student are lofty but attainable,” […]

Pilot Club provides lifeline

Eighty–seven–year old Martha East’s newest piece of jewelry is not the height of fashion, but it could just save her life. The plastic pendant with a gold button hanging on a black cord necklace could literally be her lifeline. This service, provided by the non–profit Pilot Club of Columbia, uses the personal help button and speaker phone device made by […]

Bridging the gap between east and west

What does it take to bridge the gap between east and west? Andrey Gavrilyuk, a local cross–cultural worker from the former Soviet Union, says it takes “commitment, sacrifice, a step of faith, a lot of patience, and a good sense of humor.” He, his wife, and baby daughter took that step of faith six years ago when they left their […]

Professor takes family inside Africa

When a college friend asked Van Kornegay to accompany him and his family to Malawi, Africa, he was a bit reluctant. While he had traveled extensively to places like Kosovo, Albania, and French Polynesia, Africa had never been on his list of must–see places. Kornegay consented, however, and soon found himself “ambushed by Africa;” so much so that he decided […]

Join the Killian Bubble Drive

Send troops and orphans in Afghanistan smiles and love

Contributed by Killian Elementary School Mrs. Lyon’s classes at Killian Elementary School are involved in this unique service learning project and invite the community to help. Army personnel in Afghanistan visit over 1,000 orphan children each month within the Kabul Region. The children get boxes every day with clothes, toys, and blankets. But, they also need to feel joy and […]

Local authors thank the Inkplots

Three local authors who were nurtured by a local writers’ group, the Inkplots, are bringing new works to this year’s SC Book Festival. The 10th annual festival will be held February 25 and 26 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. According to Inkplots president Carla Damron, author of the Caleb Knowles Mysteries , the SC Writers Workshop group is open […]

Columbian Joe Taylor takes over at Commerce

By John Temple Ligon  SC Governor Mark Sanford asked former pre–cut log homes magnate Joe Taylor to move from the chairmanship of the SC Jobs–Economic Development Authority (JEDA) to the SC Department of Commerce as secretary, the new boss. Vacating the secretary’s slot is Bob Faith, who assumes Taylor’s post at JEDA. The state Senate will have to approve Governor […]

Star Profile

Michael Stout, M.D., of Doctors Care

By John Temple Ligon  Mike Stout grew up in Rhode Island. In 1968, he graduated from Boston College (cum laude) with a BA in mathematics. A month after college graduation, the local draft board sent Stout greetings. He was sent to Ft. Dix, NJ, for basic training and to Ft. Polk, LA, for advanced training in the infantry. After a […]