Columbia’s property taxes are twice Charleston’s

Locally published Carolina Living , a magazine targeted to entice retirees to move to the Carolinas, discloses in its current issue the comparative costs of living in selected cities. On the whole, Carolina Living takes a positive market approach, describing all the advantages in moving to our area. From the mountains to the sea, all regions of the two Carolinas […]

John Rushman wins the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished Middle School Mathematics

The Edyth May Sliffe Awards for Distinguished Middle School Mathematics Teaching were established “to recognize how a single person can have a substantial positive influence nationwide by taking a decisive action to further a cause he or she strongly believes in.” By Tammie Maddock Each year, five Edyth May Sliffe Awards are bestowed to teachers in each of the 11 […]

Visually–impaired children enjoy the circus

Dancers have a heart for LifeChance Ballet

For her pas de deux with Romeo in this weekend’s LifeChance Ballet, Juliet will be wearing virginal white, not the red dress now associated with Heart Month. Although the timeframe for the beloved ballet was set centuries ago by Shakespeare, the love story is timeless, and so is the contemporary cause. This year part of the proceeds from ticket sales […]

Opera brings original desperate housewives to stage

While USC’s opera company was rehearsing roles of the original desperate housewives, the ladies of ABC–TV’s Desperate Housewives were accepting their Golden Globe Awards for Best Comedy Series. Shakespeare created the Merry Wives of Windsor , the original desperate housewives, centuries ago. Marc Cherry’s inventive but dark characters were created this century. USC Opera will bring the bourgeois comedy about […]

USC Coach baseball coach speaks to Columbia Rotary Club

Ray Tanner, head coach of the USC baseball team, spoke to business leaders at the Columbia Rotary Club this past Monday. Coach Tanner complimented retiring USC athletics director, Dr. Mike McGee. Tanner credited McGee for much of the success of the baseball program, and called him a mentor. Tanner said McGee gave the program tremendous support, and pointed out Dr. […]

Columnist is victim of his own success

Warner Montgomery, publisher of The Columbia Star , presents the 2004 Victim of his Own Success Award to Bob Ford, author of Call the Cops . Ford won an SC Press Association Award for best short feature but was later disqualified because his column is syndicated.

Sheriff speaks to AAUW

Sheriff Leon Lott said, “When we lock people up, we ask them how and why they picked their victims. We get a lot of valuable information from them.” The sheriff was speaking to members of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) at a recent meeting. Making eye contact with those you meet, not looking like a victim, paying attention […]

City takes a week to remove dangerous refrigerator

Local restaurant misses goats

Stephen Chesley has been part of the art scene in Five Points for as long as he has been painting in Columbia. Goats adorned a wall in Goatfeathers from its earliest days on Devine Street. The painting became such a fixture at Goatfeathers no one ever thought about offering to buy it. The picture is now hanging in a private […]