Crew of USS Columbia reunites

Frances Owens Turner, the granddaughter of Columbia Mayor L.B. Owens (and daughter of Frank Owens who later served as Columbia mayor), was one of two sponsors chosen to help christen the USS Columbia in Camden, NJ, ceremonies December 17, 1941, just ten days after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Today, Turner will attend the memorial service for the USS Columbia at […]

The dogs ate my passport

Everything was on schedule for the adoption of the Collins

“I can’t imagine life without Owen,” Cristel Collins beamed. “After years of trying, we finally decided to adopt. It is the best decision of our lives.” Taking the adoption initiative demanded lots of patience, many probing approvals, and endless red tape. However, Andy and Cristel Collins propelled forward in this adoption journey, seeking a child they could love and call […]

St. Pat’s in Five Points contributes over $30,000 to charity

The Five Points Association, St. Pat’s in Five Points Committee, and friends of Five Points presented checks for over $30,000 September 24 to local charities. The success of St. Pat’s in Five Points has allowed for thousands of dollars to benefit local charities over the celebration’s 23–year history. Financial contributions varying from $1,000 to $5,000 were made to A.C. Moore […]

Five Points Association discusses Beauti–5 Project

The Five Points Association met Thursday September 23 at Saluda’s to discuss several issues ranging from the Beauti–Five project to trolley routes to the Façade Improvement Program. Debbie Parker, executive director of the Five Points Association, announced the success of the Fall Concert Series stating that despite all the strange weather throughout the southeast, only one show had been rained […]

Columbia Council of Neighborhoods meets

The Columbia Council of Neighborhoods, at its annual appreciations and awards banquet, honored the Edgewood–Read Street Neighborhood Association and John Simons of Burton Heights–Stanish Avenue Neighborhood Association. Myrtle Gordon accepted the award for her neighborhood. Simons was named volunteer of the year. Additionally, the council recognized Shandon United Methodist Church in whose Leisure Ministry Center the event was held, as […]

International organist plays at Washington Street Methodist

Second Annual Invitational Choral Festival was held at Washington Street United Methodist Church October 3

Arletta Raley, music director for Washington Street United Methodist Church, learned the internationally–acclaimed organist she was expecting to fly into Columbia for two special events was grounded in England. A fuel workers strike was impacting flights departing the London airport. “When I got word the fuel workers strike could affect flights out of London, I couldn’t imagine what we would […]

Saint Luke Lutheran Church celebrates 100 years

Contributed by Saint LukeLutheran Church Saint Luke Lutheran Church, 1127 Olympia Avenue, has 9:45 am Sunday School and 11 am Sunday Worship Service. Saint Luke Lutheran Church was begun by John Berg, a member of Saint Paul’s, Columbia. His work began in 1902 as a Sunday school volunteer. Rev. C.P. Boozer became the first pastor of Saint Luke on January […]

Fans celebrate victory with music

“Carolina Girl . . .” harmonized the voices of Kathy Jansen and Will Dimiurra accompanied by several guitarists, a trumpeter, a keyboard player, a saxophone player, and the beat of Dave Davis, the drummer. While Andy Thomas played the keyboard melodies, Belton Caughman and Mike McWilliams strummed their guitars and Wade Lineberger and Mike McWilliams backed up the brass section […]

Local politics change with the times


In the last century America has seen a lot of changes in technology, science, communication, and education. It is because of these changes, in part, that the landscape of American politics has also changed. These changes filter through all aspects of American politics, including the local Magistrate’s Court. Prior to a Supreme Court referendum around 1979, magistrates were elected by […]

Company brings windows of opportunity to the Midlands