2019-04-12 / News

Jaco Interchange name change approved

Representative Seth Rose announced via email the corner of Rosewood Drive and Bluff Road will be renamed Jaco Interchange. The announcement came after the bill, sponsored by Rose, passed both the House and Senate.

Rose initiated the bill, in mid-January, after the Jaco family approached him.

“I think the Jaco family’s accomplishments in Olympia and all they have done and been a part of there already cemented their legacy,” Rose said. “This is more of a recognition and will be nice for future generations to see this sign.”

The intersection is significant to Olympia and the Jaco family, as it was the location of Jaco’s corner which operated there for 100 years. It also commemorates other Jaco accomplishments in Olympia such as the founding of the Olympia Mill Village Museum by Jake and Sherry Jaco as well as the late Jim Jaco’s achievements as president of the We Are Olympia Neighborhood Association for over three decades.

Rose said the family has been very grateful to him for the bill. He also credited Senator Darrell Jackson with helping get it passed in the Senate.

The entire process took around two months. Rose was not sure when a ceremony would take place to unveil the change, but would check on it soon.

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