2019-04-12 / News

Cell phone tower planned for Kelly Mill Middle School

Parents with children attending Kelly Mill Middle School will soon see something new on the school’s campus. A cell phone tower is in the process of being constructed.

The company responsible for the construction is Milestone Communications, who has a contact with Richland School District Two.

For parents like Kim Toogood, the biggest issue with the tower is about communication between the district, Milestone Communications, and the parents.

“Milestone communications and the district do not appear to have properly informed parents at Kelly Mill Middle School,” Toogood said. “Residents only reported seeing one sign posted along Kelly Mill Road and that had to do with the zoning variance required. The building itself houses four academic institutions. Only one of those institutions had a representative.”

Toogood, along with being a parent of a child who will attend Kelly Mill Middle School, also serves on the school improvement council for Lake Carolina Elementary School. She mentioned a meeting about the tower was held in February but was poorly attended. She is trying to arrange another community meeting but was unable to give any details.

David Goldsmith, development associate with Milestone Communications, said Kelly Mill Middle School was chosen by Verizon Wireless after it was determined better service was needed in the area. Verizon reached out to Milestone Communication, which then contacted Richland District Two. Goldsmith said the school district has a strict policy and process in which parents are to be notified. He said Milestone sent out mailer cards, had the schools contact the parents, notified the zoning administrator and county council member, and contacted Home Owners Associations.

“ We try as best we can to notify as many people as possible,” Goldsmith said.

Goldsmith said there will only be one tower on site, with the ability to hold five carriers. The tower will be subject to the same safety measures as any other cell phone tower. Milestone will have to meet FCC requirements. A third party will test the tower and the information will then be sent to the FCC.

Why the tower is needed, what it is going to look like, safety measures that will be taken, and contact information can be found at www.kellymillmswireless.com.

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