2019-02-08 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Woodland Drive: A man was arrested at 5: 30 p. m. Wednesday after several residents in the area called police because he was going from door to door asking them for money. When the officers arrived, they approached the man. He told them his car had been impounded and he needed $37 to get it back. The officers explained going from door to door asking for money was actually panhandling and the practice was illegal. They told him he couldn’t go to any more doors and to leave the area. He agreed and left but an hour later, residents on another nearby street began calling police to complain about a man knocking on doors asking for money. When the same officers arrived on the scene they found the same man there. They approached him again and asked him why he was still panhandling after they had warned him. He said he thought they meant he couldn’t ask the residents of the first street for money but he thought the street he was currently on would be ok to ask. The officers him it wasn’t ok on any street and charged him with loitering. He was taken to jail without further incident.

Alexandria Street: Police were called to a home at 2 p.m. Thursday after the resident said a strange woman had come into their home. When the officers arrived, the homeowner told them a woman had come to his door and when he opened it, “she just walked right in.” He said it was apparent that she was “under the influence of something” once she got inside. He said he and his wife offered her a glass of water and tried to find out her name or where she had come from so they could help her but she became belligerent when they asked her any questions. She started “cursing and yelling” so the homeowner said they asked her to leave and she did. The officers patrolled the area and saw the woman stumbling down the street. She could barely stand and couldn’t speak well enough to tell them her name or address. They took her to jail for her own safety.

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