2019-01-11 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County

Two Notch Road: A man went to the sheriff ’s department at 11 a. m. Thursday to ask police to trespass an intruder from his property. The resident said there was a man who had been coming on his land and staying in a shed on the premises. He said he had asked the man to move on, but the man kept returning to the shed. When police contacted the man, he explained he was homeless and was just trying to stay dry but he agreed to stay away from the man’s shed in the future. He was entered into the trespass log so if he does return, he can be charged and arrested.

Bethel Church Road: A woman called police at 7 a.m. Christmas Eve to report a possible stolen car. The 32- year-old woman said she had purchased a car from a man she only knew through a friend, but he claimed to own a car dealership. She said the man had agreed to let her pick up the car a week before the holidays and she would make her first $600 payment January 3. She said she had begun to get an “uneasy feeling” about the man and the vehicle after she called to request a title and was told she would have to settle for a 45- day tag since the car was a “trade- in.” She said when she had taken possession of the car, instead of meeting her at his alleged “dealership,” the seller wanted her to pick up the car at his home, which she did, but told police she couldn’t be sure the man even had or worked at a dealership. She said due to all the discomfort involved in the deal, she called the seller a few days before Christmas to tell him she would be returning it. Once the call was made, she said when she got up on Christmas Eve, the car was gone along with a trunk full of her purchased Christmas gifts. She told the responding officer she had locked the car and she had what she assumed to be the “only key” and there was no broken glass around the place where the car was parked. Police are continuing to investigate the incident and locate the vehicle.

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