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Susie Floyd King turns 80

By Joy Stone

On October 24, Susie Floyd King turned 80. Friends and family gathered to celebrate this grand occasion with food, fellowship and dancing.

When I think back on all the years I’ve had the company, love, and devotion of my mom, my life would truly not be the same without her. My life and all those who’ve known her have been blessed by her loving witness, her heartfelt prayers, and her constant giving of herself. I’ve watched as Mom has and continues to serve year after year her family, her church, and her community.

There are three memories of Mom that will forever be etched on my heart. One is seeing her stretched across her bed in the afternoon taking a short nap. This was probably from running after my older brother and sister or being up with my baby brother or, if I’m honest, it was due to her being awakened often in the middle of the night by little scared me. Mom would let me make a pallet on the floor right by her side. She was my comfort. It was her loving, gentle, Christ-like nature that made me want to be near her and be like her.

Another memory (and still is a fact) is seeing my mother in the kitchen All The Time! Cooking for six three times daily in the summers, cleaning up, setting the table, clearing the table, loading the washer, unloading the washer all proves to be a true labor of love. And I want to be like her? Well….yes.

Mom would take my sister and me shopping always full of understanding and patience. Not being a shopper myself, I remember whining so much my mouth hurt and that was only five minutes into the spree. But mom would just ask, “Are you hungry dear? Are you tired?” If she hadn’t any food she simply put us back in the car and took us home. She and my sister still like to shop to this day (without me). The whining? Well, I’ve had to make a “whining room” sign and hang it in my house.

One day I walked into my sister’s and my bedroom and Mom had turned it into a princess room. It had pink and green shag carpet with white, pink, and green curtains and bedspreads to match. Quite the sight for two little girls. We were mesmerized and so thankful our mom could put things together so beautifully.

Mom has always set a great example for us to follow. She listens more than she speaks. She has always loved people and meets them where they are. She uses her interests and talents, and they become gifts of service to others. She is full of wisdom from spending daily time in God’s word. She is forgiving, gracious, and compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in love. Because of her faith journey, Mom has taken on the character of God. She truly is a woman after God’s own heart.

Of all the things four children could put a mother through, Mom has taken it all in stride trusting in the Lord to work things out. I’m sure we’ve more than disappointed her and probably alarmed her from time to time, but Mom has steadfastly taken each situation faithfully to the Lord in prayer which has filled her with tremendous peace in God. Mom believes and acts on that belief that God loves her and has called her to be a witness of the Lord of her life and Savior Jesus Christ. That means her allowing others to choose for themselves this day whom they will serve, “But as for Mom and her household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24: 15. Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you!

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