2018-11-09 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Twelfth Street: A woman was arrested at 12:30 a.m. Sunday after neighbors complained about a disturbance in the front yard of a home. When the officers arrived, the woman and a man were in the front yard of the home in question yelling at each other. The officers separated them and began to question each person about what had started the argument. The man said the woman had come home earlier that day upset about some personal issues. He said they had argued and the argument went on all day long and into the night. He said the woman had vandalized his car with a stick. He explained the woman had scratched the paint on the car’s body, dented the hood by hitting it with the stick, and then dented the license plate as well. He said as he tried to stop her from further damaging his vehicle, she then turned the stick on him and hit him in the arms and hands. He had cuts and bruises to corroborate his story. The car was also damaged where he said she had hit it. When he finally realized she was “out of control” that’s when he said he called police. After she realized he had called them, the man said she told him she was going to “get somebody to shoot” him for “bringing the cops.” The woman remained in an agitated state during the investigation and kept yelling and swearing at the man. She denied hitting him or doing anything to his car. She told the officers she was “just trying” to get her phone and purse back from the man. They were inside the damaged car and the man readily gave them to her but she then accused him of “stealing” her money. He denied ever opening the purse or touching her money. The woman then accused the man of hitting her in the face and throwing a brick at her and hitting her with it in her back. There were no signs or injuries to validate her version of the argument and the officers tried to get the couple to cool down and separate for a few hours and then work things out later. The woman then started yelling again and using foul language and became combative toward the officers. She was then charged with domestic violence and as they ran her name through the computer, the officers discovered this was her third arrest for the same charges.

Augusta Road: A woman was arrested at 7 p.m. Friday after a gas station employee called police to report a woman had jumped out of a moving car. When officers arrived on the scene, the woman who witnesses said jumped out of the car was standing alongside the roadway yelling and screaming. They spoke to the driver who said she was the woman’s aunt and the woman was “drunk.” The aunt said the niece was “upset about something” and she jumped out into the road. The aunt then pulled into the gas station to try to get the niece back into the car so she could take her home. When the officers tried to talk to her, the niece initially cooperated with them and even got back into the aunt’s car but as they talked, she became more agitated and boisterous and began to scream obscenities at the officers. They repeatedly tried to get her to calm down and quit yelling because other people at the gas station could hear her using foul language. When she refused, they placed her under arrest for disturbing the peace. Before they took her to jail the niece signed a form giving her aunt permission to take custody of her children while she was incarcerated.

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