2018-11-09 / News

Rose moves on from Richland County Council

Seth Rose is moving on from Richland County Council to replace Representative James Smith for District Seat No. 72 after Smith gave the seat up to run for governor.

Rose has been representing District 5 on Richland County Council but chose to run for the vacant seat to have a bigger impact on the community.

“We need someone to continue the proud legacy of House District 72, and I wanted to offer myself for service,” Rose said. “Having served in local government will allow me to bring a unique experience and perspective to the State Legislature.”

Prior to serving on Richland County Council, Rose was part of the Shandon Neighborhood Council.

Through two terms on county council, Rose has been a part of a lot of change.

“I successfully pushed for roll call voting and the video taping/ broadcasting of our meetings. This was not done prior to me coming onto council, and it was a campaign promise fulfilled,” Rose said. “ When you walk into the council chambers and see the members pressing buttons for the votes being cast, that is something we did. If you see a video clip of council and watch a meeting online, that is something we did. Both initiatives were met with fierce opposition from council, but we got them done.”

His pride for what council has accomplished during his two terms extends beyond council meetings.

“From a district perspective, we helped with the demolition of Gonzales Gardens,” Rose said. “We brought in a $2 million library in the Edgewood community, created a nature trail in Rosewood, helped save the Curtiss Wright Hangar, put school resource officers in our public schools, and created the county economic development director position that is largely responsible for roughly 6,000 new jobs. During my tenure the Museum of Art, EdVenture, Township Auditorium, Historic Columbia, and the county library were all recognized nationally.”

Rose’s last county council meeting was October 16.

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