2018-10-12 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Meeting Street: A man was arrested at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday after an officer on patrol spotted him staggering in the middle of the street. The officer stopped and had the man come to him to get him out of the roadway, and as he approached him, the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the man. He was having trouble walking and swayed back and forth as he was trying to stand and talk with the officer. His words were slurred and his eyes were bloodshot, all indicative of inebriation. The officer asked him how much he had to drink and the man told him he had had “only three or four beers.” The man then asked the officer if he would give him a ride to “someplace to buy beer” but the officer told him he couldn’t do that. The officer then asked the man if there was anyone he could call to come get him. The man then gave the officer a phone number but it was a disconnected number. The man then told the officer he didn’t “know who else to call” and he didn’t have any money for cab fare. He asked the officer once more for a ride to buy beer, but since he was a danger to himself and others, the officer charged him with disorderly conduct and took him to jail.

Augusta Road: Police were called to a store at 3 p.m. Sunday after employees saw a man stealing video games. When officers arrived, the employees said the accused shoplifter had first gone to the accessories part of the store and picked up a shoulder strapped briefcase. The man slung the bag over himself and then walked over to the video games. As he picked up various games, he would return some to the shelves and some were put into the bag. As he left the store with the brief case and the games, the store alarm at the door went off. He was then approached by a female security guard but he shoved her out of the way and continued on his way out of the store. Several other employees followed the man outside and were detaining him as the police drove up. When they checked the briefcase, the officers discovered almost $500 worth of video games were in the bag. A further investigation revealed the man had previously been put on trespass from the store and had prior shoplifting charges and convictions. The bike he was on was brand new and the store is reviewing its surveillance tapes to see if the man also stole that.

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