2018-10-05 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Sunset Blvd.: A man was arrested just after midnight Saturday when an officer spotted him driving without a headlight. The officer pulled the male driver over, but when he approached the vehicle, the driver’s side window didn’t roll down so the driver opened his door to talk to the officer. At that point, the smell of marijuana emanated from the car as well as some visible smoke. The officer asked the driver if he had marijuana in the car and the man admitted he did and had “just taken a hit” when he was pulled over. The man told the officer he had “a little pot” in his back seat and the officer found it under a jacket. Because he now had probable cause, the officer searched the vehicle and found several “blunts” or marijuana cigars in the ashtray and a jar filled with what appeared to be loose marijuana. The driver told the officer he also had a “mini scale” with him and turned it over willingly. There were no baggies or anything other than the scale to assume the driver was selling the drug so he was charged with possession and given a “fix it” ticket for his burned out headlight.

McSwain Drive: Police arrested a woman at 2:30 a.m. Friday after observing her vehicle in the parking lot of a motel with its motor running and the lights off. When the officer approached the car to check on the woman’s welfare, she rolled down her window and asked him if there was a problem. As he explained he was just checking to see if she was OK, he noticed she had a green glass pipe that was the type commonly used for smoking drugs in her lap. Once she realized the pipe was in her lap she handed it to the officer and admitted it was for “smoking dope.” At that point, the officer began a probable cause search and found a baggie with a clear crystal substance that is consistent with how methamphetamine looks. The woman admitted it was indeed “meth” and went on to say she “had a few pills” she didn’t have a prescription for. As he searched, the officer found several bottles of pills that did have the woman’s name on them but inside were several different pills not described on the bottle’s prescription label. Another glass pipe was also discovered. The woman was charged with possession and taken to jail without further incident.

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