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Ode to my Father

Part 16: Cuss Words
By Warner M. Montgomery, Ph.D. WarnerM@TheColumbiaStar.com

I tried out some cuss words... I tried out some cuss words... (Note: This series is from my father’s memoirs I found long after his death.)

Mama’s mother who lived in North Carolina spent the winters with us in Greeleyville. She was blind and spent much of the time sitting next to the fireplace. The problem with her eyes was cataracts. I enjoyed being around her and spent many hours with her. She kept me interested with songs, stories, advice, and information.

One day thinking she couldn’t hear me, I tried out some cuss words I had heard from my school yard buddies. She called me over, put her arm around me, and asked, “Miller, do you know what those words mean?”

“No, Ma’am, I don’t,” I responded innocently.

She proceeded to tell me their meaning then asked if I still wanted to use them.

“No, Ma’am,” I said.

“Let’s find a word you can use when you get excited or mad,” she suggested.

We decided “cornbread” was a good word to use. From then until well into my teens “cornbread” was my cuss word. Finally, my friends laughed at me so much I gave up “cornbread,” but I never cussed again.

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