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Part 15: Boy Scouts

By Warner M. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Pocalla Springs was a popular gathering place. Pocalla Springs was a popular gathering place. (Note: This series is from my father’s memoirs I found long after his death.)

I was a gung ho Boy Scout, always trying to do everything I was supposed to do. Mr. Ratchford, the Presbyterian minister, was our Scout Master in Greeleyville. I earned my First Class badge and probably had enough credits for a higher rank when the troop ended.

I particularly remember three Boy Scout summer camps: Pocalla Springs near Sumter, the Charleston Boy Scout Camp at Wando, and a North Carolina Camp on Lake Lanier.

Pocalla Springs was a popular gathering place for a wide area in Williamsburg County. Occasionally, we Greeleyville people drove up and spent the afternoon. It had a wonderful swimming lake: different size diving boards, deep water, shallow water, and decks in the water to sun on. In other words, it was a wonderful place to swim.

Pocalla also had a dance hall with a juke box and a canteen. And, the bath houses were nice and clean. It was a fun place for our day.

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