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Bill and Kay Barlow celebrate 50 years

From Kay Henderson Barlow

Bill and Kay Barlow, 1968 Bill and Kay Barlow, 1968 On September 8, 1968, America was in a state of turmoil. Vietnam was raging, college students were protesting, and America was changing.

The Columbia Star was alive and well. All young brides just had to have their wedding picture in the The Columbia Star Reporter. The Star Reporter chronicled the real story of our lives. My parents bought many copies to send to relatives around the state and nation.

Since that picture, the Barlows survived Vietnam. We enjoyed child rearing and embraced 11 corporate moves around the nation (Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Sarasota). We could always keep up with home through The Star Reporter. So, I felt it only natural we submit our photo announcing our 50-year anniversary in The Star Reporter.

One September 8, 2018 Bill and Kay (Henderson) Barlow will joyfully celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They are the proud parents of Jacob Barlow, a photojournalist with CBS news network, who lives in Chicago, but travels the nation; and Helen Barlow, an experienced educator who teaches English as a second language at Saluda River Academy for the Arts. The Barlows have a lovely daughter-in-law, Shelley Walker Barlow, and four grandsons, William, Ben, James, and Thomas.

Bill and Kay Barlow, 2018 Bill and Kay Barlow, 2018 On September 7, many family and friends will gather for an informal celebration, “Burgers with the Barlows,” at Murray’s restaurant in Cayce. We are so happy to celebrate our 50 year journey together and our many blessings with family and friends.

When asked by friends how to describe this 50 year odyssey, I would say, “a good time was had by all.”

From Bill Barlow

Dearest Kay;

With one issue a week

And a forum I seek,

Better early than late

So here’s my message for September 8th.

I was Sitting on the Dock of the Bay in my

Myrtle Beach Days during the Summer Time. I saw you Walk On By and was hit by Love Potion #9. I asked you to Stay and do some Dancing on the Boulevar and

Save the Last Dance for Me. I was no Great Pretender and you were no Pushover. I would do anything For Your Precious Love and asked you to Stand By Me. Now, There Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing When My Little Girl is Smiling, and I’ve Got Sunshine on a Clouday Day that Makes Me Want To Shout! I reminisce about The Way We Were. It’s Funny How Time Slips Away while we are

Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina enjoying our Golden Pond. In This Magic Moment, I get Misty thinking about

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me and How Sweet it is to be Loved by You. Remember, You Can Never Say Goodbye and we can meet Under the Boardwalk, In Smokey Places, or Up On the Roof. Who would have predicted that kicking leaves on the sidewalk on Adger Road would lead to the happiest 50 years of my life.

Happy 50the Anniversary to the best wife and mother I know.

I love you!


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