2018-09-07 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Center Street: A man was arrested at midnight Tuesday after police were called to a woman’s home to quell a disturbance. When the officers arrived, they found the man on the sidewalk with another man telling him to “settle down.” When he saw the police, he told them he had “to get home” but he was having trouble walking. Because of his bloodshot eyes and slurred speech along with his difficulty in walking, the responding officers realized the man was inebriated. They detained him while they talked to the woman who had called them to the home, and she said the man was “drunk” and was outside her apartment “screaming” for no reason. The officers detaining the man found out he lived nearby and were going to let him walk home but he refused to leave. He began to yell at them he hadn’t done anything. He then began to walk toward the officers while beating on his chest and yelling “respect.” They warned him to calm down but that only exacerbated his screaming and then he began to use obscenities and foul language. At that point, he could be heard by the neighbors so he was charged with disorderly conduct and arrested.

McSwain Drive: An officer on patrol pulled a man over at 1 a.m. Thursday after noticing the car’s tag lights were out. Once the traffic stop was initiated, the officer noticed the lone driver was acting very paranoid and uneasy. When the officer asked the driver for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. The driver told the officer he didn’t have a license and the car wasn’t his. When the officer ran the car’s tags, he had the driver sit in the back seat of the patrol car. He could hear the man muttering he “was going back to jail” during the computer search. The tags came back as belonging to a car stolen out of Richland County. At that point, the driver was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and taken to jail.

Sunset Blvd.: A man was arrested for panhandling at 7:30 Friday morning after a patrol officer spotted him holding a sign at an on-ramp. The officer noticed when the man saw him, he folded the sign and began to walk away from the ramp. The officer followed him and detained him. He asked the man what he was doing at the on-ramp and the man said he was on his way “to breakfast from the motel.” The officer then asked him about the sign and the man admitted he was “begging” and said he’d “move along.” Because the man had been given previous warnings against panhandling, he was then taken into custody and charged with loitering. He was driven to jail without further incident.

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