2018-09-07 / Education

Texting Game

By Hanah Watts, local high school student

Hanah Watts Hanah Watts My texting game is not strong. If I misspell a word or use any sort of incorrect grammar, you better bet it will be followed up by an asterisk with the corrected spelling/grammar right beside it.

I also had not started really using emojis until just recently. And, I pretty much have stuck with the same handful because I don’t feel like searching through all the emojis to try and find one that perfectly expresses what I am trying to convey. If I am not about 98 percent sure what the emoji means, I will not use it. I am not taking any chances here. Bottom line, if it does not pop up in my “frequently used” section, then chances are I am not going to use it.

So, I was thoroughly surprised and simultaneously confused when I read an article the other day about “emoji etiquette.” I mean, they are just little pictogram type things, but this article made it seem as if you so much as used the “grinning face with big eyes” on accident instead of the “grinning face with smiling eyes” then you are going to die. Yes, die.

And it would not even be a sad death. It would be about as semi-emotionless as when Barney Fife said, “Well, we all got to go some time” on The Andy Griffith show. Therefore, I did some further research for the good of humanity, and here are some of the major points.

Apparently using a simple “smiley face” emoji after a statement can sometimes come off as creepy. From what I found, the feelings about this one are split about 50-50. Well, if that is considered creepy, I am the creepiest of the creeps. I mean, what is wrong with a simple smiley face? I always thought adding it to the end of a text made an “okay” response seem a little friendlier.

Every article I read made it appear as if teens and young adults use emojis about as much as Oprah gives away free things.

In contrast, they also give the impression most older adults are overly stingy with their emoji usage and complain about having to decode their teenager’s texts. My personal thoughts…almost every adult I know uses more emojis than the majority of my friends, combined.

The texting world can be a dangerous one, one wrong smiley face, and you are toast…or so they say. ;)

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