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A Case for Chakra Chic

I’m just saying...
Julia Rogers Hook

“You want to align my WHAT?”

This was from my husband Marty one day this weekend when we were discussing his upcoming birthday at the end of the month. The man is completely IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! He has more clothes than most department stores, more gadgets than any hardware or tool store, and more Gamecock paraphernalia than the entire team! He’s got fishing equipment still in the wrappers and he never has time for golf!

Every year I wrack my brain trying to come up with something new and different and every year whatever I give him usually sits in a corner somewhere until it’s moved to another corner somewhere else.

It’s maddening.

So…this year I decided instead of a tangible gift he won’t use, I’d invest in an activity we could do together. While I was pondering this, I found a unique little shop that specializes in all that metaphysical and “new age” stuff. Things like gemstones and crystals and Feng Shui and chakras. I am curious about this sort of thing and always enjoy learning about them.

While I was talking to the people in the shop, I became especially interested in Chakras. It’s an ancient belief held by early cultures who believed all living things carried a “life force” within and that “energy” would break down into the seven chakras.

The actual word “chakra” is said to be an old Sanskrit word that literally translates into wheel. So they believed within the individual, the “life force” moves in a spinning cycle through the body and within that spinning “wheel” are seven centers from the base of the spine to the top of the head called “chakras.”

In a healthy and balanced person, those seven chakras are able to provide the exact amount of energy needed for every part of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

But if they are too open or closed or spinning out of control, then the person’s health will suffer. Knowing the seven chakras and what they do allows a person to become balanced and the energy will flow as it should through the body.

Now who wouldn’t want to learn more about this? With this kind of knowledge…knowing where these points of energy are and what they do…a person could STAY well-adjusted and stable.

The more I read, the more enchanted I became and wanted to know more. In my research, I found out there are even massages that can balance chakras. That sounded to me like a great thing to do.

And then…the more I thought about it…the more I liked the idea of “his and her” chakra massages. I thought it would make a unique and very “enlightened” birthday present for my sweet husband. After all, there can’t be a down side to having balance in a person’s life.

So…I was enthusiastically explaining this to him over the weekend. I was telling him all about the seven chakras and how cool they were. I admit…I was probably giving him far too much information, but I was excited!

“So I was thinking, Marty…for your birthday, I thought we could get a couple’s massage to align our chakras. What do you say? Are you in?”

He took a deep breath, turned to look at me solemnly and burst into laughter.

“You want to align my WHAT?”

“Your chakras, Marty…have you heard ANYthing I’ve said?”

“WHAT are you talking about Julia? Have you been day-drinking?”

“No I haven’t Marty. I’m talking about the seven points of energy that reside in our bodies. They are called chakras and they need to be working correctly.”

“Tell me again… what is a..shack-raw?”

“NOT ‘shack-raw Marty…shock-rah! Or if you want to be technical, chock-rah…that’s the orginal…”

At this point he bluntly cut me off.

“Never mind all that Julia! No…I do NOT want a massage for my birthday. I just want a nice day of football and relaxation… THAT will be FINE. I don’t need anybody fooling around with my ‘shock-rah’ stuff… whatever the heck that is!”

“Marty I just TOLD you what it was!”

“Yeah…but I still don’t really know…”

“Well even if you don’t really know, don’t you want them all aligned and working properly?”

“Julia, if I don’t know what they are, I’ll never know if they’re crooked. I’m telling you…for my birthday all I want is a nice relaxing day of football. That will be plenty.”

He drives me crazy every year…he NEVER tells me what he wants. Now that I know he doesn’t want the chakra alignment, I think I’m going to look into those Salsa dancing lessons I heard about. A nice six-week package of lessons…he’ll LOVE it!

I’m just saying…

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