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High School Musical

By Hanah Watts, local high school student

Hanah Watts Hanah Watts It was a hot Saturday at the lake, and for once, swimming did not feel like taking an ice bath. It was just about time for lunch, so I grabbed my beach towel on the way up to the cabin. I was mulling over my lunch options, when all of a sudden I heard someone behind me.

“Who is that guy?” my younger cousin said, pointing at my towel. The towel in question is one that I have had for a VERY long time. It is lime green with a picture of Zach Effron and Vanessa Hudgens on it. Yep. That’s right. It’s my High School Musical towel.

Incredulous, I whipped around, “What?”

“Who is that guy?” She repeated, pointing.

“You don’t know who he is?”

“Nope, sorry. I don’t know who he is.”

Okay, I thought, maybe she just can’t tell who it is. The towel is pretty old and faded anyway. “Oh, come on! You know, High School Musical?” “No, sorry.”

“You’ve never seen High School Musical?” “Nope. I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oh, okay.” I was floored. I mean, who hasn’t heard of High School Musical?

I stood staring off on the distance, reflecting on my many childhood days spent watching the High School Musical movies.

I now understand all those moments when people would say “What? You’ve never heard of {insert random band or celebrity from when they were younger}?” Closely followed by “I feel so old.” Well at that moment, I was having my own “senior citizen moment.” There are children out there who have never even heard of High School Musical. I mean, what type of blasphemy is this? The first movie was only filmed about…12 years ago.

It really is strange to see something that was such a large part of your life become relatively unknown by those who are younger. I know most of y’all who are reading this have probably already had this experience. (No offense, but I am just going off the average age of most newspaper readers today.) But I figured I would not run into something like this for a good long while. I know it is a tad bit early for me to think such a thing, but it really is like Tracy Lawrence’s country song says, “Time marches on, Time marches on.”

In the end, I was finally able to explain to her who this “Troy Bolton” from High School Musical was, “You know the younger guy who played in The Greatest Showman movie we recently watched together? The one who originally wrote plays?”

“Oh, yeh! Of course I know!”

“That’s him… Zac Efron… from High School Musical.”

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