2018-08-23 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

McSwain Drive: Police were called to a motel at 9 p.m. Friday after the manager said a woman, whom he had formally trespassed from the premises, was back on the grounds. The manager said the woman “shows up” and “ hangs out” around the rooms but never gets a room for herself. She “sits on the grass” and “talks” to the guests, he said. He had the police chase her off several times before trespassing her but he wanted her gone. The responding officer spoke to the woman and she admitted she knew she had been trespassed but she said she “wasn’t hurting nobody or nothing” and was just “waiting for a friend.” She was advised she was under arrest for trespassing after notice and at that point became extremely agitated and upset. She began yelling and screaming at the officers and was then handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car. Due to her highly belligerent behavior, she was taken to a hospital to be mentally and physically assessed. Once she was cleared, she was taken to jail without further incident.

Augusta Road: A man was arrested at 4 p.m. Thursday after he allegedly used a fake bar code to steal over $400 worth of groceries. A store employee called police after recognizing the man as a person who had been previously convicted of shoplifting from the store and then formally trespassed from the premises. When the officers arrived, they found the man in the parking lot packing groceries into a vehicle. They questioned him on the merchandise and he produced a receipt totaling $25.24 but the amount of and type of groceries he had was far more than that total. He was escorted back into the store and identified by several employees as the man they knew to be a shoplifter. He insisted he paid for the items, but further investigation revealed he somehow used a fake bar code that rang up every individual article for $.50-cents. Once this was discovered, the groceries were returned and checked back in. They rang up to a total of $404.75 and the man had paid $25.24 for everything. He was then charged with shoplifting and enhanced property crimes.

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