2018-08-17 / Public Notices

Notice to Creditors of Estates


All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal Representa-tives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of Richland County, the address of which is P.O. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: GEORGE HARRISON BLACK 18ES4001058 Personal Representative: GLORIA J. BLACK Address: 1904 ELISE DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29210

Estate: CRYSTAL YVONNE LAUREANO 18ES4001194 Personal Representative: JAMIE Y. LAUREANO Address: 115 HANLON DR., ELGIN, SC 29045

Estate: CAROLINA AYALA LEA 18ES4001075 Personal Representative: MARY E. LEIGH Address: 9725 DUNBARTON DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: CRAIG MAYNARD LEMROW 18ES4001239 Personal Representative: SHANNON L. SILKENSEN Address: 11200 LAKE BREEZE DR., GATHERSBURG, MD 20878 Attorney: KEVIN T. HARDY Address: 2309 DEVINE ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: KATHRYN PARKER LOFLEN 18ES4001199 Personal Representative: RAYMOND L. HENDRIX Address: 4504 MOSS HILL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29206

Estate: MACK H. MARTIN 18ES4001245 Personal Representative: ANN M. MARTIN Address: 7110 TEAGUE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29209 Attorney: JAMES W. POAG JR. Address: PO BOX 6422, WEST COLUMBIA, SC 29171

Estate: ROBERT ANDREW MAYS 18ES4001229 Personal Representative:

ANTHONY J. REITENOUR Address: 544 TEE VEE RD., ELLOREE, SC 29047 Attorney: JOE ROGER NORTH Address: PO BOX 21248, COLUMBIA, SC 29221

Estate: ROBERT ALEXANDER MCILWAIN 18ES4001232 Personal Representative: DAVID L. MCILWAIN Address: 10212 WINDSOR VIEW DR., POTOMAC, MD 20854 Attorney: WM. BERT BRANNON Address: PO BOX 1390, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: DONALD HAMPTON MILLER 18ES4001128 Personal Representative: ESTELLA MILLER Address: 2444 TRUAX LANE, COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: BARBARA SANDERS SPEARS 18ES4001237 Personal Representative: MARC GARY SPEARS Address: 9716 HIGHGATE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: ALEXANDRIA SKINNER Address: 3924 FOREST DR. STE. 1, COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: LARRY M. STEPHENS 18ES4001192 Personal Representative: ELLEN D. CARRUTH Address: 1309 HEATHERWOOD RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: ALEX KENNETH TAYLOR 18ES4001196 Personal Representative: BRENDA G. TAYLOR Address: #6 KIRTON CT., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: KENNETH ROBERT WALDEN 18ES4001246 Personal Representative: LAURIE BAKER WALDEN Address: 108 WEST SPRINGS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: ALAN JAY REYNER JR. Address: PO BOX 8448, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: MARY WARD 18ES4000429 Personal Representative: JOYCE W. SMITH Address: 1275 CONGAREE RD., HOPKINS, SC 29061

Estate: FRANCENA WILLINGHAM 18ES4001157 Personal Representative: ELLIOTT WILLINGHAM Address: 513 FOLKSTONE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223


Estate: ROBERT EDWARD ARRINGTON 18ES4001272 Personal Representative: RALPH S. ARRINGTON Address: 428 RICE HOPE DR., MT. PLEASANT, SC 29464 Attorney: ALEXANDER S. IMGRUND Address: 1116 BLANDING ST., STE. 2A, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: RICHARD ERNEST BAGNAL 18ES4001207 Personal Representative: LISA B. PRYNNE Address: 216 ADAMSHAYNE RD., HOPKINS, SC 29061

Estate: ESTELL BELTON 18ES4001288 Personal Representative: ROCHELLE BELTONMOORE Address: 904 ABINGDON CT., NEWPORT NEWS, VA 23608 Attorney: JAMIE M. BEST III Address: PO BOX 9507, COLUMBIA, SC 29290

Estate: BETTY VARIAN CREWS BRANDON 18ES4001278 Personal Representative: VARIAN BRANDON Address: 24 JUDDS PEAK RD. BOX 810, SALUDA, NC 28773 Attorney: LAUREN SPRINKLE Address: 1904 SAVANNAH HWY. STE. 202, CHARLESTON, SC 29407

Estate: RUDENE S. BURTON 18ES4001231 Personal Representative: YOLANDA D. BURTON Address: 6810 WAKEFIELD RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: THELMA J. FOWLER 18ES4001218 Personal Representative: JOHN M. FOWLER Address: 117 BROADMOOR RD., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: THOMAS S. GABRIEL 18ES4001308 Personal Representative: SUSAN STRICKLAND MCFADDEN Address: 3121 CHINABERRY DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29204 Attorney: THOMAS E. ELLIOTT JR. Address: 1443 FRANKLIN ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: RICHARD ONEALE GAILLARD JR. 18ES4001186 Personal Representative: LEE MASON GREGORY Address: 1434 BELMONT DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: ETTA JANE GARRETT 18ES4001265

Personal Representative: LAURA G. WILHIDE Address: 1721 JOHNSON MARINA RD., CHAPIN, SC 29036


Estate: MARY MARTIN GLENN 18ES4001243 Personal Representative: DONNA GLENN HOLLEY Address: 27 POLO RIDGE CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: LAURA THERESE GONSALVES 18ES4001223 Personal Representative: JOSEPHINE B. LEWIS Address: 448 DEERWOOD ST. APT. 8-D, COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: BARBARA ANN KELLY HANNA 18ES4001303 Personal Representative: CHARLES E. KELLY Address: 117 SURREYWOOD LANE BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016 Attorney: GREGORY B. ASKINS Address: PO BOX 10, HEMINGWAY, SC 29554

Estate: FREDDERICK DONNELL HUNT 18ES4001297 Personal Representative: WILLIE C. KEITT Address: 115 THORNHILL WAY, ABERDEEN, NC 28315 Attorney: KOREY WILLIAMS Address: PO BOX 39, ORANGEBURG, SC 29116

Estate: RACHEL L. JERRY 18ES4000382 Personal Representative: TRONDI JERRY Address: 1105 COBB CROSSING, SMYRA, GA 30080

Estate: MARCIA R. LABOUNTY 18ES4001302 Personal Representative: DIANNE BUSH Address: 3222 FOXHALL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29204 Attorney: W. ALEX WEATHERLY JR. Address: 1812 LINCOLN ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: ADAM JOHN LYKES 18ES4001227 Personal Representative: HILLIARD C. LYKES Address: 107 JASPER LYKES LANE, IRMO, SC 29063 Co-Personal Representative: ADDIE L. LYKES Address: 107 JASPER

LYKES LANE, IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: ALLAN E. FULMER JR. Address: PO BOX 1548, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: BENJAMIN JAMES MADDEN 18ES4001250 Personal Representative: KATHLEEN R. ROBBINS Address: 1722 PINEWOOD DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: HENRY LOUIS MCCANTS 18ES4001213 Personal Representative: BERNICE M. SOLONE Address: 109 LEESIDE CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: JAMES PATRICK PATTERSON 18ES4001289 Personal Representative: THOMASINA ELIZABETH PATTERSON Address: 42 BUCK RIDGE DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29229 Attorney: A. BENNETT EVERS Address: PO BOX 1548, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: JOHN EARL ROBERTSON 18ES4001242 Personal Representative: JANET KAREN ROBERTSON Address: 112 OSBORNE LANE, IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: GLENN C. SAWYER SR. 18ES4001260 Personal Representative: JOYCE B. SAWYER Address: 9405 S. CHELSEA RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: LINDA BUTLER UNDERWOOD 18ES4000898 Personal Representative: JOHNATHN D. CRUMLY SR. Address: 990 WESTERSHAM CT., MARIETTA, GA 30064

Estate: STEPHEN D. VASSAR 18ES4001125 Personal Representative: CATHY BENNETT VASSAR Address: 214 RESEDA DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: P. JASON REYNOLDS Address: 1329 BLANDING ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: REBECCA BROWN BELTON WESTON 18ES4001300 Personal Representative: SHARON B. WADDELL Address: 406 HEMPSTED RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29210 Attorney: WM. BERT BRANNON Address: PO BOX 1390, COLUMBIA, SC 29202


BERNARD YOUNG 18ES4000446 Personal Representative: TANYA MICKEL-CUNNINGHAM Address: PO BOX 11453, ROCK HILL, SC 29731


Estate: ROBERT BOYKIN 18ES4001264 Personal Representative: DERRICK HARRISON Address: 3620 PELHAM RD., GREENVILLE, SC 29615

Estate: MOFFATT D. BRADFORD JR. 18ES400133 Personal Representative: MEREDITH B. CLEBSCH Address: 5737 FISHER LANE, GREENBACK, TN 37742 Attorney: JONATHAN E. SPITZ Address: PO BOX 11262, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: HENRY BURTON CASE JR. 18ES4001184 Personal Representative: ROBERTA W. CASE Address: 87 CATESBY CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206 Attorney: FRANK E. ROBINSON II Address: 1900 BARNWELL ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: CLARA PERRY CURRY 18ES4001334 Personal Representative: DELORES C. JACKSON Address: 1215 OAKLAND AVE., COLUMBIA, SC 29203 Attorney: JAMES ERIC CAVANAUGH Address: PO BOX 12129, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: THOMASINA WILLIAMS DAVENPORT 18ES4001325 Personal Representative: COURTNEY ROBERTS Address: 3015 MELVILLE WAY APT. 305, EUGENE, OR 97408 Attorney: GEORGE C. JOHNSON Address: PO BOX 1431, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: LEROY DUNN SR. 17ES4002083 Personal Representative: LEROY DUNN JR. Address: 785 WILLISTON RD., BEECH ISLAND, SC 29842

Estate: CHARLES FRIDAY 17ES4001654 Personal Representative: MONICA M. COLE Address: 4453 JOHN DALY ST., INKSTER, MI 48141

Estate: ROBERT MCGREGOR HANE 18ES4001348 Personal Representative: THOMAS TAYLOR HANE III Address: 2120 FALLEN OAKS CT., RALEIGH, NC

27608 Attorney: FRANCHELLE C. MILLENDER Address: 1441 MAIN ST. STE. 725, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: MARY COAXUM HANKINS 18ES4000959 Personal Representative: JOHN W. HANKINS Address: 1801 CAROUSEL CR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: RONALD E. HUFFMAN 18ES4001320 Personal Representative: KAREN M. HUFFMAN Address: 35 LOVE VALLEY CT., CHAPIN, SC 29036 Attorney: LA “SMOKEY” BROWN JR. Address: PO BOX 1545, IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: DANIEL THOMAS JUSTICE JR. 18ES4001282 Personal Representative: PATRICIA O. JUSTICE Address: 2501 DUBARD ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: R. THOMAS LAING 18ES4000995 Personal Representative: MARTHA W. RAFELSON Address: 2009 BERMUDA HILLS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: WM. BERT BRANNON Address: PO BOX 1390, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: BRUCE LEAMON LEWIS 18ES4001290 Personal Representative: CHAUNTAI LEWIS Address: 307 WESTBRIDGE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: JAMES WILLIAM MCMAHON 18ES4001268 Personal Representative: TAMARA WYNN MCMAHON BARNES Address: 5429 PONTE VERDE COVE, PENSACOLA, FL 32507 Attorney: JR BATTLES Address:1612 MARION ST. STE. 217, COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: DELTON MONTY MILES 18ES4000274 Personal Representative: KARLA J. HILL DONAHOE Address: 2221 WOOD AVE., CHARLESTON, SC 29414 Attorney: LESTER S. SCHWARTZ Address: 708 ST. ANDREWS BLVD., CHARLESTON, SC 29417


Address: 11108 COLONIAL COUNTRY LN., CHARLOTTE, NC 28277 Co-Personal Representative: MELISSA MILLING WASHBURN Address: 617 CRYSTAL DR., SPARTANBURG, SC 29302 Attorney: PAUL DAVID KENT Address: PO BOX 12129, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: JAMES W. RODGERS 18ES4001351 Personal Representative: PHYLLIS R. ROGERS Address: 4459 TIMBERWOOD DR., GASTONIA, NC 28056 Attorney: ANGELA KIRBY Address: 828 WOODROW ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: PATRICIA H. SCOGGINS 18ES4001340 Personal Representative: LINDA S. HALL Address: 2 POACHERS LN., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: BLAKELY CAHOON Address: PO BOX 23302, COLUMBIA, SC 29224

Estate: NANCY L. SIMUEL 18ES4001248 Personal Representative: RUBEN GARRICK Address: 216 ZEPHUR ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29212

Estate: PRISCILLA ANNE NORRIS SMITH 18ES4001349 Personal Representative: ELEANOR VANLAW SMITH Address: 1257 VILLAGE TERRACE CT., ATLANTA, GA 30338 Attorney: JOHN FRANK MCLEOD IV Address: PO BOX 11262, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: ANNIE MAE CRAWFORD VANT 18ES4000700 Personal Representative: SHARLENE GOLDEN Address: 17834 MACHAIR LN, LAND O LAKES, FL 34638

Estate: SARAH B. WATSON 18ES4001357 Personal Representative: MARGARET W. ROUBIQUE Address: 12030 FAIRVIEW WAY, ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA 70775 Attorney: ALLAN E. FULMER JR. Address: PO BOX 1548, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: LORETTA JONES WAY 18ES4000917 Personal Representative: ALVIN MAURICE WAY Address: 129 BROOKBEND RD., MAULDIN, SC 29662

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