2018-08-10 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County

Beltline Blvd.: A man called police at 8 a.m. Wednesday after he said his roommate was “robbing” him. The alleged victim told the responding officers that in the course of a week he had his Nintendo Wii game, five games, four controllers, and a charger stolen along with almost $ 200 in cash. The man said he suspects his current roommate as they “are in a bad place” at the moment and he was trying to evict him. He said it could also be the roommate’s girlfriend who stole the items. The roommate denied stealing anything and told the responding officers his girlfriend was “well to do” and didn’t “need to steal” anything.

Bethel Church Road: A man called police at 8 a.m. Wednesday after he said his girlfriend “attacked” him. The man told the responding officers his live- in girlfriend “assaulted” him when he tried to help housebreak her puppy. The woman said the man was lying and he had “become upset” after the puppy defecated on his $1,300 pants. The woman said the pants were lying “crumpled on the floor” and the puppy “ had an accident” on them. She said he yelled at the dog and slapped her “across the face.” She said she then “got mad” because he was “disrespecting” her and did indeed begin to hit him in the face, head, and chest but she said she was merely defending herself. No charges were filed but the woman agreed to leave the premises for the night.

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