2018-07-06 / Commentary

Revenge of the Geezer

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Modern Seniors have bad reputations; some of them well-deserved. In ancient civilizations the elders were revered. At least history tells us so. But the aged leaders were the ones writing history and passing stories around the campfire. Maybe they were as irritating as today’s Baby Boomers.

Based on statistics alone, at least a noticeable percentage of ancient seniors likely caused trouble. Seniors don’t see, hear, or move as well as they once did and are unhappy about it. We don’t trust anyone under our age, or anything new or different.

Currently the elderly are responsible for America’s political mess; the reason traffic is congested, and lines are so long. We are also the most likely victim of scams, which causes everything to be more expensive.

I know a few who have wisdom to impart based on experience. But one had to be paying attention then and remember those things now. Valued elders are probably in the minority.

Having said that, I remember we’re talking about my tribe and if there is anything that overpowers every bit of reason, intelligence, and common sense, it is a feel- ing of belonging. Humans will bond with others over the flimsiest of reasons and defend that bond until the very end. Old people are still that way; they just don’t have as far to go to get to the very end.

My normally hidden irritable geezer appeared recently during our Wednesday dinner group at a local restaurant off Forest Lake Drive. We arrived, as usual, well before our amigos and requested a table for six. The hostess looked up from her phone, I think she was reading Fun with Dick and Jane, and told us we had to wait until at least half our party arrived to be seated. I got mad for two reasons.

One is being subjected to arbitrary store policy rules that have no basis for existing. The other is being told I have to do something by someone still in junior high school. Especially if its at a place where I’m forking over money.

We contemplated leaving but eventually retired to the bar until our friends arrived and we were finally seated. Our server was surly and inefficient, and blamed someone else for each mistake he made. Why make rules governing paying guests’ behavior when you ignore the folks who are responsible for serving them properly when they do sit down?

I have vowed to never return to this place; there are way too many other eateries in Columbia. Places that have fine available food and haven’t yet pissed me off. I know that may seem like an overreaction to many younger folks but I don’t care. I’m an Old Geezer. We hold grudges.

The odd thing about this encounter is I don’t normally agree with many of my fellow geezers when attitude is involved. I’m a happy guy by nature, and while getting old isn’t for sissies, being old in America is way better than many other of life’s circumstances. Too many of my tribe are way too busy complaining about how bad things have become. Personally, I think we’re copacetic.

At least until some teenager starts barking orders.

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