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Poodle Pandemonium... Again

I’m just saying...
Julia Rogers Hook

When I first heard the screams, I thought it was on television. I had gone upstairs to watch a movie with our cats while my husband Marty remained downstairs watching golf and babysitting a new dog that had come to us for a “trial period.”

We lost our beloved poodle, Whitman ,back in December due to kidney issues and since then we’ve had some sad times at our house as we coped with his death.

This particular pup, a fluffy white mix of poodle and who knows what else, was found wandering around our neighborhood, and after a week of trying to find out where he came from, Marty and I were considering adopting him.

While Whitman was a standard poodle weighing in at about 90- pounds, this little guy, “Teddy,” is about 22- pounds of complete cuteness.

We were “fostering” him for the weekend to see how he got along with our cats and it was actually working out pretty well. While the cats didn’t exactly welcome Teddy with open paws, they didn’t attack him or run from him either and at night we were all five in the bed together so we were hopeful for an easy transition.

While I was doing some “kitty bonding” upstairs and watching my movie on this particular day, I began to doze a little and was almost completely out when I heard Marty’s distressed summons.

“Julia! I NEED YOU!”

Oh Lord, I thought as I scrambled out from under irritated cats and the blanket. Please let him be OK, I silently prayed.

“What’s wrong Marty,” I hollered as I hit the stairs. “Are you hurt?”

“Teddy’s GONE!”

I saw the front door standing open but I immediately headed out to the back yard and toward the pool. Once I was satisfied Teddy wasn’t going down for the third time, I started for the front yard. I could just catch a glimpse of Marty as he was literally running up the street yelling out Teddy’s name. I knew it must be serious then.

Marty is NOT a person given to running. EVER.

As I rounded the corner of the yard, I saw a little streak of white and sure enough…there was Teddy! He was bounding up the drive way, across the lawn, and up the stairs into the house. Once inside, he turned around, sat down, and just grinned his doggy grin, black button eyes bright with (I swear) laughter, and his little pink tongue jauntily hanging out of his mouth.

Coming up the road was my completely exhausted husband… sweating and gasping and clearly extremely concerned. He stopped when he saw me, put his hands on his knees, and tried to catch his breath.

“I can’t find him Julia…” he panted. “I don’t know where he went…he just…went under the gate and took off…”

“It’s OK Marty! Look! He’s back!” I pointed to the open front door where Teddy was still sitting, obviously very proud of himself and his little adventure. He was still grinning and his tongue was still lolling out of his mouth.

He looked adorable.

“See Marty…he’s OK….he’s here,” I soothed.

“But…where… where did he come from?” Marty was standing now.

“I don’t know,” I said. “When I got to the front yard, he came from that way.” I pointed in the opposite direction that Marty was looking.

“How did he get over THERE?” Marty asked, putting his hands back on his knees still trying to catch his breath.

“I don’t know Marty,” I giggled. I couldn’t help it. In 15 years of marriage I have NEVER seen that man move like that. My giggle burst into a full-fledged laugh. It was just too funny.

“I never knew you could run that fast Marty…” I was cackling now. Tears were running down my face. I couldn’t stop.

“FUNNY Julia… VERY FUNNY!” He was breathing normally now. “It’s JUST HYSTERICAL isn’t it?” And with that, he picked up a pine cone to throw at me. His aim was purposely off so it missed me but then he began to laugh too.

I can’t really quote his next couple of comments here, but you can use your imagination. When he started toward the front door, Teddy bounded up to him yapping away and jumping on his legs. Marty bent down to rub him.

“You can’t DO that Teddy…you’ll give Daddy a heart attack running off like that. No you can’t do that!”

My ears pricked up. Marty had said “daddy.” Not “Uncle Marty” but “daddy.”

If no one claims him, it looks like Teddy might be here to stay. Everyone is telling me not to fall in love with Teddy until we’re sure he’ll be able to stay with us but…it might just be too late. I can’t help but think Whitman has something to do with Teddy’s arrival.

And besides…that little dog got Marty to JOG!

That alone makes him a KEEPER! I guess we’ll see…

I’m just saying…

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