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S.C. Arts Commission honors four with fellowship grants

Contributed by S.C. Arts Commission

Paul Kaufmann Paul Kaufmann South Carolina artists in Charleston, Horry, Richland, and Spartanburg counties representing four arts disciplines received individual artist fellowships after approval by the S.C. Arts Commission board in Columbia.

Individual artists working in prose, poetry, and theatre acting and playwriting were invited to apply for awards for fiscal year 2019.

The S.C. Arts Commission board approved $5,000 fellowships based on recommendations made by out-of-state review panelists, who select these fellows based solely on a review of anonymous work samples:

•F. Rutledge Hammes of Charleston County for prose

•Stephen Tulloh of Spartanburg County for poetry

•Paul Kaufmann of Richland County for theatre acting

•Kevin Ferguson of Horry County for theatre playwriting.

Fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists. They are awarded through a competitive, anonymous process and based solely on artistic excellence. Recognition from fellowship awards often lends artistic prestige and opens doors to other resources and employment opportunities.

Four fellowships per year are awarded to artists who work in rotating disciplines. One artist from each of these fields: visual arts, craft, and music performance or composition, will be honored in fiscal year 2020.

To be eligible, artists must be at least 18 years old and a legal U.S. resident with permanent residence in the state for two years prior to the application date and throughout the fellowship period.

Applications will be accepted later this summer following announcement by the S.C. Arts Commission. For more on discipline rotation, eligibility requirements, and the application process, please visit www.southcarolinaarts.com/grants/artists/fellowships.shtml.

Though an actor for most of his life, Paul Kaufmann is a multi-faceted artist: playwright, songwriter, fiction, and copy writer, and a visual artist. A resident of Columbia with a bachelor’s in communications from Florida State University, he is a veteran of the city’s theatre scene, serving as a cast member in stage productions at Trustus Theatre and at USC. His resume includes appearances in productions in New York City, Wales and on screen in Third Reel, a Jason Stokes film. He has been the principal at Kaufmann Forensic Actors for 12 years. His company contracts 20 actors from across the U.S. to provide actors to the FBI, ICE, and other federal and state agencies for use in scenario based training, where they portray victims of myriad crimes.

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