2018-05-25 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County

Covenant Road: A man called police at 2 a. m. Tuesday after he said he had been assaulted while outside his apartment. The 56- year-old man told officers he was “just sitting outside” when a man in his 20s walked by with a woman, neither of which the man knew. The older man said he didn’t think they were residents of the complex and when he asked the younger man what he wanted, the man hit him repeatedly about the face and upper body. Then the victim said he ran into his apartment to call police and the couple ran into a nearby apartment. When officers arrived, they found the older man had cuts and bruises to his head and torso but he refused medical attention. He showed the officers which apartment the duo had “run into” after the “attack” and the officers went to that building to investigate. The resident of the apartment told the officers the two had been there but they had fled on foot when they realized the alleged victim was calling the police. He also told the officers he didn’t witness the fight. As the investigation was happening, the assaulted man saw a man who was passing by the apartment complex and pointed him out to the officers while identifying him as the assailant. The attacked man assured the officers that man was “the man” who hit him, but the accused man denied everything. He said he had been “visiting with” his children “up the road” and denied even being the area of the assault. No charges were filed since there were no witnesses to help confirm or dispute the charges but photos were taken of all the parties involved.

Percival Road: A woman called police at 3 p.m. Sunday, Mother’s Day to arrest her son. The mother told the reporting officers her son was “acting strange” when he came home and she felt “threatened.” She said the son was walking through the apartment and “touching” her stuff. He was picking up things and she felt like he was on the verge of breaking them. She went to her bedroom but he followed her and continued picking up various items and “stared” at her as he held them up. When she told him to get out he refused and, although he never broke or took anything or made any threats to her, she said she wanted him “out of the house.” Since he had broken no laws, no charges were filed but the officers convinced the man to “take a walk” until his mother calmed down.

Two Notch Road: A man was arrested at 2 a.m. Wednesday after he was spotted by an officer on patrol for speeding and driving erratically. When the officer pulled the 33- year- old man over, there was a cold can of beer in the cup holder and a half-smoked marijuana cigarette in the ash tray. The man admitted both items belonged to him as well as disclosing to the officers the beer in the car “wasn’t the first one” he had consumed that evening. He was taken to jail without further incident and his car was left in the parking lot where he was pulled over so a “friend” could come pick it up.

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