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Storage Auctions




U-HAUL of South

Carolina Notice is here by given that the undersigned will sell to satisfy the lien of owner at public on line sale by competitive bidding on May 23, 2018 personal and/or business property including but not limited to furniture, clothing, tools and other household/ business items located at the properties listed. All sales will be online at STORAGEAUCTIONS.C OM The sale will begin at 8:00 AM at 1037 Elmwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29201. 9:00 AM at 3754 Fernandina Road, Columbia, SC 29210. 9:30 AM 5604 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29206. 10:00 AM at 3515 Wrightsboro Road, Augusta, GA30909. 10:30AM at 2339 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29204. 11:00AM at 1589 Broad Street Augusta, GA 30904. 12:00PM at 3363 Wrightsboro Road Augusta, GA 30909. 12:30PM at 400 Orchard Drive West Columbia, SC 29170. 1:00 PM at 1003 Zimalcrest Drive, Columbia, SC 29210. 2:00 PM at 125 Decker Park Road, Columbia, SC 29206. 2:30 PM at 8400 Two Notch Road Columbia, SC 29223. 3PM at 156 Jamil Road Columbia, SC 29210 The personal goods stored threin by below named occupant(s); 8AM - 783031- 1037 Elmwood Road, Columbia E006-Shamika Anthony E001- Linda Wynn B243- Eunice Baxter E259- Phillip Tutt B223- Marilyn Wannamaker B265- Clarence Taylor A332- Destiny Wallace

B307- Rodrick Ellison
B228- Kristopher Colonna
B302- Margaret Mack
E222- Andrew Dinh
B263- Takeem Thompson
B211- Cheryl Hallman
C007- Lutrunda Canzater
B201- Charles Lawhorn
B205- Tracy Dewitt
B305- Lavonda Frederick
B242- Troy Mcgoogan
E225- Unknown
B126- Unknown
A314- Unknown
A151- Britney Johnson
E255- Terry Pressley
E231- Michael Jekutis
B204- Bryant Caldwell
B249- Bryant Caldwell
A305- Corey Jiles
B221- Ally George
B344- Sheila Williams
B350- Kimberli Isom

9:00AM 783032- 3754
Fernandina Road
G221- Tonia Strachan
G229- Phoebee Sharpe
F308- Laurie Allan
AA2442B- Elizabeth
G112- Vincent Simon
F342- Rochelle Brown
G211- Donnie Cooper

G108- Prince Brown
F384- Briana Harbin
F327- Novie Matthews
F306- Sinclair Williams
F235- Lenora Wright
G135- Falesha Coleman
C027- Levette Edwards
AA4786G- Devon Williams
AA6523D- Devon Williams
D016- Shamara Evans
F336- Linita Moore
G271- Judy Wicker
C014- Jonathan Ransom
F255- Antavia Washington
C020- Jane Williams
F375- Eric Peters

9:30 AM 783033- 5604
Forest Drive, Columbia
B289- Mark Brown
C359- Jorge Valles
C529- Lynard Marlin
B034- Ahmed Nagi Mesar
C455- Andrena Creech
C335- Martin Covington
C040- Steve Glover
B235- Jamie Wright
B130- John Xenakis
B032- Portia Gaithers
B213- Talia Harley

Wrightsboro Road,
Augusta, GA
301- Deloris Turner

10:30 AM 783050- 2339
TwoNotch Roaad,
1017- Norman Summers

11:00 AM 783056- 1589
Broad Street, Augusta,
I008-Shana Davenport
AA14- Chester Prawdzk
0037- Becky Malone
2105- James Shelley
0028- Audrey Phillips
J003- Lawrence Scott
B014- James Gregg
EE03- Jonathan Quarles
2136- Leah Nazzaro
0030- Jeff Bradshaw
AA16- Tiffany Brown
BB02- Kelly Wayne
2324- Lenora Ivery
KK12- Jessica Hill
0101- April Brown
C004- Martha Haynes
W011- Leslie Carr
LL03- Michelle Johnson
W015- Corey Scott
2208- Tanga Inglett
0119- Chris French
2005- Gloria Colbert

2312- Tamara Carter
J006- Thea Lamb
0116- Shawn Keese
0035- Lashall Tenant
EE08- Milton Cooper
F001- Willie Frank
1230- Timekia Mayes
GG09- George Glover
D008- Jacob Stokes
B012- Sharon Mccrary
II10- Vickie Jackson
FF06- James Pringle
G010- Tenya Austin
HH05- Tyrone Davis
JJ13- Willie Frank
A008- Marvin Williams
0115- Martha Williams
H003- Sterling Johnson

12:00 PM 783062- 3363
Wrightsboro Rd,
Augusta, GA
AA5500C- Tyree Adams
362- Lasha Douglas
321-Stephanie Crawford
222- Kashem Hodges
327- Juaquina Rolland
374- Eisha Layne
396- Selena Reid
365- Tonya Whaley
350- Tarneisha Burke
342- Latasha Barkley
389-92- Jacquline Johnson
201- John Tanksley

12:30 PM 783071- 400
Orchard Drive,
West Columbia
2016- Edward Starks
2364- Shirley Carroway
1040- Sade Pugh
1143- John Mosley
2225- Cynthis Duncan
2024- Joe Scott
2152- Kendrick Sutton

1:00 PM 783072- 1003
Zimalcrest Dr.
221- Brian Lee
226- Rebecca Nelson
129- Krishona Anderson
128- Puree Rivers
107- Joanne Robinson
100- Keisha Simpson
219- Actstavious Thomas
117- Lashonta Boyles
125- Stephanie Rucker
235- Tina Davis
136- Tanya Griffin
145- Joy Eggleston
208- Leroy Montgomery

2:00 PM 783073- 125
Decker Park Rd.
E92- Timothy Redd
E112- Michael McLemore

E122- Obrian Colbert

2:30 PM 783074- 8400
Two Notch Road,
271- Lakisha Qualls
248- William Goins
232- Unknown
367- Margie Giberson
372- Joe Anthony

3:00 PM 783084- 156
Jamil Road, Columbia
E199- Michael Roberson
E168- Rich Long
E215- Mattie Spencer
C54- Latasha Martin
G400- Tawonna Carson
C63- Akintude Warnock
All goods are sold as is.
Sale is subject to adjournment ** ONLINE LIVE AUCTIONS WILL BE HELD

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Chapter 20 of
South Carolina State Lien
Law, Prime Storage
Longtown located at 405

Longtown Rd.,
Columbia SC 29229
intends to hold an auction
of the goods stored in the
following units in default
for non-payment of rent.
The sale will occur as an
online auction via
ENDING on 05-25-18 at
12pm. Unless otherwise
stated the description of
the contents are household
goods and furnishings,
boxes, misc.
#0824-Sterling Yuille
#0156-Montez Bailey
#0419-Phillip Davis
#0133-Tammy Spann
#0113-Thomas Pitts
All property is being
stored at the above selfstorage facility. This sale
may be withdrawn at any
time without notice.
Certain terms and conditions apply; CASH ONLY.
Contact manager at 803-
788-2397 or
www.StorageStuff.bid for

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