2018-05-11 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Augusta Road: Police were called to a clothing stores at 11 a.m. Tuesday after employees had spotted a man shoplifting merchandise. When the officers arrived, the security guard said he had seen the man shoving clothing into his own clothes, and the man was still in the store. The officers approached the man and asked him about the security guard’s accusations. The man denied he had stolen anything, but when the officers ran his name through the computer, it came back he had previous shoplifting convictions. Two were from that same store so the man had been trespassed from the premises. Since he was in violation of the trespass notice, he was taken into custody and during the ensuing arrest search, two neckties and several packets of men’s underwear and undershirts were found in his clothes. All the recovered items still had the store’s price tags on them so he was additionally charged with another count of shoplifting.

Augusta Road: A pharmacy called police at 3:30 p.m. Friday after the caller said two women were fighting in the aisles. When the officers arrived, the women had been separated and the fight was stopped by employees. One woman whom witnesses said “started the fight” was detained in the store’s office while one of the officers found the other woman outside pacing up and down in front of the business’ doors in an extremely agitated state. She was screaming and using foul language while on a phone call to an unidentified person. As the police began to interview both women and the employees and witnesses, they were able to piece together the story. Apparently, the two women have a history of arguing, but this time the altercation became physical. The woman who was allegedly attacked said the woman accused of initiating the fight and approached her as she was in line waiting for her prescriptions to be filled. The two began a verbal dispute, and the attacked woman said she told the other woman if she “wanted to fight” to “wait outside.” At that point, witnesses said the accused woman yanked the other woman to the ground by her hair, and the battle began. Although the accused woman denied starting the melee, when the officers viewed the video surveillance tape, they could clearly see she did throw the first punch. She was charged with assault and taken to jail. Both women were trespassed from the establishment.

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