2018-05-11 / News

License your pets or expect a fine

South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association meets
By Josh Cruse

The South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting Thursday, May 3.

Dennis Flory, with the City of Columbia Animal Services, said with only five officers, none are designated to any particular area when it comes to receiving calls. However, there are areas, by zip code, when it comes to licensing. In the city, all dogs and cats need to be licensed. If they aren’t, it’s a $100 fine. Flory said the license also helps if a lost pet is later found. Many unlicensed pets are owned by college students.

The general care ordinance gives officers the authority to write a citation for a home owner if the pet is not being taken care of.

Flory said while the shelter is still a kill shelter, the number of animals euthanized has decreased significantly. Euthanizing an animal is done because of a medical problem or if the animal is too dangerous to release back into the public.

Columbia police officer Justin Seay said the rash of day time burglaries reported at last month’s meeting has decreased. The last month has seen primarily property crimes and auto break-ins. He said a lot of the guns used in crimes are stolen and advises owners not to keep the ir weapons in their vehicles over night.

Corporal Raul Ortiz, with the Richland County Sheriff ’s Department, asked residents to take extra measures to secure their belongings. The spring, and into the summer, is when lawn and garden equipment, as well as trailers, are stolen. Ortiz said to secure sheds and remove the tires on trailers if not being used.

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