2018-04-13 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres

Trenholm Road: A woman called police headquarters at 6 p.m. Thursday after she said her child’s father was “mistreating” the caller. She told the officers she and the man had had an on-off relationship for four years, but when the man came to her and told her he had quit drinking and he had “changed,” she decided to give him another chance. They were currently living together with their 19-month-old child, but recently the 39-year-old woman said she “ had reason to believe he was cheating” on her. She said she found some suspicious text messages in the 39- year-old man’s phone, and when she asked him about them, she said the man “threw hot coffee” in her face. Although the woman didn’t sustain any injuries, she said she wants the “baby daddy” to move out. He refused, so the woman called police. Since the residence was in her name, she was instructed as to how to begin the eviction process.

Forest Drive: Police and EMS were called to an office at 10 a. m. Thursday after employees called to report a female coworker had passed out. When the officers arrived, the woman had regained consciousness and appeared to be okay. Further investigation by the EMS people revealed the building had been heavily sprayed the previous night for an infestation of bed bugs, and apparently the woman had a reaction to it. All the employees were then sent home, and the building was “aired out” overnight.

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