2018-04-13 / Government / Neighborhood

Columbia police officer gives crime report at the South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association meeting

By Josh Cruse

The South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting Thursday, April 5.

Columbia police officer Mason Frier reported eight burglaries in a two-week span in Rosewood. The burglaries occurred during morning hours, and may be by more than one suspect.

Frier said a suspect was caught in Olympia by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. DNA evidence is believed to connect the suspect to the burglaries in Rosewood.

Four auto break-ins have happened in that same time span. Four suspects are in custody, one an 18-year old. Police found a large amount of stolen property in his apartment. Frier said the lack of a pattern of recent burglaries makes it hard to track them down.

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