2018-03-09 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Lucas Street: A man called police at 2 p.m. Friday after he said his live- in girlfriend assaulted him. When officers arrived on the scene, the accused woman had left the home, but the man’s head was obviously swollen and red as if from a blow of some sort. The man said he and the woman had “been drinking all day,” and they got into an argument. He said he left to “cool off,” but when he returned to the home, the woman had blocked the door with some sort of “door stop.” He said he was able to shove the door open enough to “squeeze in,” but as he put his head and upper body through, the woman began to “stand over” him and pummel him in the head and face. He said he wasn’t sure if she used an open hand or her fists. He said the woman left when he called police. As the officers were interviewing the man, the woman returned. She admitted to hitting him but said she “didn’t hit him hard at all.” Nevertheless, she was charged with assault and taken to jail. The man refused EMS or to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Sunset Blvd.: A woman was arrested at 1:30 p.m. Monday after someone reported her for panhandling at a gas station. When officers arrived to investigate the situation, they found the car the caller had described with a 19- year-old woman near it asking other customers for money because she was “out of gas and broke.” There was an 18- year-old man inside the vehicle sleeping. When the officers questioned her, she told them she had “just dropped off” her mother at work and “picked up” her friend, the man asleep in the passenger seat. At first she told the officer one name and birthdate, but it came back as nonexistent. When the officer asked her where she lived she said she had no “permanent address in town,” but she “may have” some ID in Georgia. While one officer questioned her, the other one ran the car’s VIN number, and it came back as stolen. The woman said the car was her mother’s, but the computer revealed it belonged to another man. Someone had removed the plates and put a bogus paper temporary license number in the rear window. The registered owner was notified, and he showed up quickly to reclaim his car. The woman was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and improper use of paper/ dealer tags. As the car’s owner was checking out his vehicle, he found a wooden pipe with marijuana residue in it which he turned over to the officers. The woman was taken to jail, but her passenger was allowed to leave.

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