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Is it safe for people with arthritis to exercise and if so, what kinds of exercise are recommended?
Compiled by Warren Hughes

When you wake up with aches or stiffness from arthritis, it may seem contradictory to say “Get moving,” but experts say exercise just might be the best thing you can do to relieve pain and improve your condition.

The Arthritis Foundation is a wonderful source of information: Website arthritis.org and toll free number 1-844- 571-HELP or (4357).

Multiple studies show mild to moderate exercise is beneficial for people with arthritis. However, everyone’s circumstances are different, so having a discussion about exercise with your doctor is important.

“Exercise is good. But exercise intelligently,” says Dr. Bashir Zikria, sports medicine professor at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore. “Low-impact exercises, like walking, cycling or using an elliptical machine are smart choices.”

The Arthritis Foundation recommends a number of ways to work out with arthritis, including aquatic sports like water aerobics and swimming, bocce ball, golf, shuffleboard, treadmill walking, walking outdoors, cycling, elliptical machines, Pilates and yoga for flexibility, and Tai Chai for balance.

As stressed, always consult your physician and seek instruction for correct techniques.

A number of fitness programs from aerobics to yoga are offered at The Lourie Center, 1650 Park Circle near Five Points, ph. 779-1971 website louriecentersc.com.

The center’s mission is to provide opportunities for adults age 50 and up to remain physically fit, socially engaged, intellectually stimulated, and independent.

A full membership at $35 a month grants access to all programs and classes.

For non-members, the first day is free.

Many programs are offered to non-members also.

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