2018-03-09 / Government / Neighborhood

South Kilbourne residents hear of burglaries

By Josh Cruse

The South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting Thursday, March 1.

Columbia police officer Mason Frier reported 12 attempted burglaries that happened February 1. Eight of those happened simultaneously between 8 a.m. and 9 a. m. Officers have gathered some information, included a license plate to a suspected car.

Since then, there have been five burglaries and one auto break-in in Rosewood.

Frier said a common thread between some of the burglaries was an unlocked door or window. He asked for residents to make sure their homes and cars are properly secured.

Neighborhood president Michele Huggins announced to Frier that a group of kids, as many as nine, have been seen walking from Suber Street to Valencia ballpark. They have been seen throwing objects, like rocks, from the street and at times breaking things like the windows at the canteen at Valencia ballpark. Frier said he will look into the matter.

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