2018-03-09 / Arts & Entertainment

Columbia Classical Ballet brings the windmill chasing Don Quixote to the Koger Center

Contributed by Scott Davis

Scene from Don Quixote Scene from Don Quixote There are few ballets with such amazing choreography that they are perennially celebrated and adored. Don Quixote is one of those ballets. Columbia Classical Ballet will perform Don Q March 9 at 7 p.m. at the Koger Center for the Arts.

Artistic director and founder of Columbia Classical Ballet, Radenko Pavlovich, has recruited a cast of award-winning dancers from around the world for this season’s company. They will bring skill and technical excellence to the performance as well as drama and humor as they portray Cervantes’s characters in the dance.

“Don Quixote has one of the most famous pas de deux in ballet, and I never get tired of watching it when it is performed well. And we have the dancers who can perform it with energy and technical distinction. Koyo Yanagishima and Nao Omoya, our principal dancers are amazing, and they will thrill our audience,” says Pavlovich.

Koyo was a gold medal winner at the distinguished VKIBC Dance Competition last spring and has become one of the favorites of Columbia dance fans for his consistently exceptional performances over the last two seasons he has been with the company. Koyo is backed up by an international company with dancers from France, China, and Japan as well as the United States.

Columbia Classical Ballet also will perform the ballet, Aladdin for students and seniors March 8 and 9 also at the Koger Center at 10 a.m. each day.

These outreach performances give students and seniors, who may have otherwise gone their whole lives without seeing ballet, a chance to see the city’s foremost classical ballet company.

Contact the Koger Center at www.kogercenterforthearts.com for tickets to Don Quixote or go to www.columbiaclassicalballet.com for more information.

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