2018-02-09 / On Second Thought

Thoughts on the Dominion Energy Proposal

Dominion Energy’s proposal to join with SCE&G is incredibly good news for families and communities in our state. During the last decade, our electric bills have gone higher and higher, with no relief in sight, especially with SCE&G’s recent financial troubles brought on by the problems at the V.C. Summer nuclear plant. The fact that Dominion Energy is willing to help absorb more than $1.7 billion in debt associated with that project and give a cash rebate totaling $1.3 billion to customers, businesses, and even churches across our state, should be cause enough for us to see this as the best option.

Personally, I never thought I would see a dime, much less immediate relief showing up as a check in the mail. Where else are we ever going to get an offer like that? It’s time to say yes to the most reasonable solution to fix our state’s energy mess.

As much as we would all love to get all the money back, we must live in reality. Dominion Energy is offering a fair deal, better than we could have hoped, in many regards. Our state needs stability and consistency. We need our lawmakers to make the right choice here, one that provides for everyone and creates the best electric situation for our future.

Kimberly P. Snipes

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