2018-01-26 / On Second Thought

Racial remarks have no place on campus

The University of South Carolina—Columbia is a learning institution open to all people.

People there share classrooms with different races.

People there share lunch tables with different cultures.

People there share dormitories and etc. with different nationalities.

Racial remarks were made on the African- American Studies Bulletin Board on the 2nd floor Gambrelle Hall recently.

These remarks are fit for someone in a hate group but not a part of an establishment that is ethnically welcome to all.

So, these remarks have no place on a college campus because the people there have already agreed on withholding their troublesome sentiments for the good of the campus.

The learning environment should be protected from badly behaved people who lack the discipline and civility to coexist with others on campus.

USC may need a multicultural student center to provide a collective community for students to feel included at all times.

People can paste words on a bulletin board to degrade a race. But if there’s a place made specifically for students of different racial backgrounds to unite, they will always consider it a safe atmosphere to get their degree in.

Jordan Cooper

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