2018-01-12 / News

Shandon Neighborhood Council approves ABL stance

By Josh Cruse

At its bi- monthly meeting Monday, January 8, the Shandon Neighborhood Council approved a statement regarding its stance on alcohol and beer licenses: “Shandon Neighborhood Council supports a diversified and balanced Five Points and encourages more family and neighborhood friendly businesses. We also support the Shandon residents’ concern and right to object to new and renewed ABL licenses.

“Should a resident make a formal objection to the issuance or renewal of an ABL License, he may request the council to consider issuing a letter of support for their objection. Once such a request is made, council will consider a motion regarding the residents objection to the ABL license for discussion and vote on whether to issue a letter supporting the objection or not.

“If such a request is made to a council member in writing more than 30 days prior to an upcoming council meeting, it will be considering at that upcoming meeting. If it is made less than 30 days prior to an upcoming meeting, it will be considered at no later than the meeting after the upcoming meeting.”

The council voted unanimously to accept the motion. The acceptance concluded a discussion which began at the council’s November meeting following the request from Adam Ruonala, a bar owner in Five Points, to renew the liquor license at his establishment.

Council also approved a motion to: “accept the location of a proposed sign as written in the action grant and accept any and all design recommendations provided they meet the requirements of the grant as accepted and the rules of the city as published via its website prior to the next meeting March 12, 2018.”

The sign mentioned in the motion is a proposed neighborhood sign the council is looking into after being awarded an action grant through the City of Columbia late last year.

The motion was approved by a vote of 7 to 5.

It followed a discussion which at times became heated when Mary Roe, who originally proposed the idea of a neighborhood sign, expressed frustration regarding the lack of response from her fellow council members regarding sign ideas. Deborah Thomas said there had been a lack of communication about the sign.

Council president George Crouch announced that a public input seminar regarding zoning regulations will be hosted by the City of Columbia Wednesday, January 17 and Thursday, January 18 from 11: 30 a.m. to 1: 30 p.m. Wednesday’s seminar will take place at the Lourie Center, 1650 Park Circle; Thursday’s at Drew Wellness Center, 2101 Walker Solomon Way.

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