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Forest Acres City Council explores options for more equipment at Citadel Park and hears more about the hydronic furnace

By Cathy Cobbs

The Forest Acres City Council explored options for new playground equipment at Citadel Park at its monthly meeting January 9 and heard more about the hydronic furnace controversy that has been on the agenda since October. No action was taken on either at the meeting.

City administrator Shaun Greenwood gave a power point presentation about various equipment options for children ages 2–5, which residents felt was lacking in the park.

The council discussed one such apparatus, which would cost about $ 19,000. Greenwood also said there might need to be repairs to the pad upon which some of the equipment sits, and, therefore, may be additional costs.

The council asked Greenwood to come back to council with hard costs associated with the equipment and repairs for further consideration.

Greenwood also reported the hydronic furnace located at a residence in Forest Acres has been monitored by city officials, but said in his observations, he had seen nothing that would warrant a change in city ordinance to regulate or ban them.

“From what I have observed, we still don’t see it has progressed to the point of a nuisance,” he said.

Resident Rita Shipman had asked the council in previous meetings to investigate the furnaces, saying the smoke emitted from her neighbor’s unit was causing her health issues. The council, at previous meetings, asked her to provide research into why she believed they should be banned from the city.

Mayor Frank Brunson complimented Shipman on the thoroughness of her report but added more data needed to be gathered “from an unbiased source” before changes would be made to address the issue.

Shipman, in her statement during the public hearing portion of the meeting, said “This might be the end of chapter 1 of the story, but there is more to be written.”

In other action, the council:

• Heard about a public hearing at the planning commission about a proposed development on Brentwood Drive near MUV Fitness. Developers want to tear down the duplexes and quadplexes on that corner to build townhomes and a commercial development. The zoning would be changed to PDD (Planned Development District), which is the designation of the MUV Fitness property.

• Was invited to a January 20 performance at the Koger Center with the Columbia Classical Ballet, wherein proceeds will be donated to Heroes in Blue.

• Heard from city administrators the fiscal year revenues and expenditures are progressing as anticipated.

The council adjourned at 6:00. In attendance was Brunson, Curtis Rye Jr., Ginger Dukes, Beau Powell and Shell Suber.

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