2017-12-29 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Whiteside Road: Police were called to a home at 6 p.m. Friday after the residents returned to be informed someone had stolen items from their yard. When the couple who lived in the home got back a neighbor told them he had called police after seeing an unknown woman driving a black truck come into their yard and begin loading items onto her truck. The police found the truck and initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the possible thief. They conducted a search of the woman’s truck as they had reason to believe she was the woman the neighbor had described. They found less than $50 worth of things in the truck bed, and when they showed it to the residents of the burglarized home they were able to identify a flower pot, an ash tray, and a decorative plant was indeed theirs and had been stolen. The woman was charged with petty theft and during the arrest procedure and search, they found several pill bottles in her possession.

None of the bottles had her name on them and all of them had pills in them. They were confiscated along with some marijuana found in her purse.

Meeting Street: Police were called at 11 p.m. Thursday after someone reported a man lying in the street. When officers arrived, there was no one in the street, but they did see an extremely inebriated man stumbling down the sidewalk. They made contact and noted his pant legs were dirty and torn at the knees and his hands were bleeding. He denied ever being in or falling in the street and refused to tell the officers his name or where he lived. He kept insisting the West Columbia police couldn’t “bother” him because he was in Columbia. Since he was so confused and intoxicated, he was placed under arrest for his own safety but during the arrest search, the officers found a glass pipe stuffed with a piece Brillo pad which is the type commonly used for smoking narcotics. No drugs were found, but the pipe was full of residue and had obviously been recently used. He was taken to jail without further incident.

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