2017-12-08 / Public Notices



LIEN SALE Plantation Storage will hold a public sale to enforce a lien imposed on units, as described below, pursuant to the South Carolina Self- Service Storage Facility Act, South Carolina Code 39-20-10 to 39-20-50. The sale will commence on Wednesday, December 06, 2017 on www.storageauctions.com continuing through 11:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017. Management reserves the right to withdraw any unit from sale. Registered or motor vehicles are sold "As Is / Parts Only," no titles or registration. Melissa Frick, Unit #00196 5x15 many boxes and hshld items and misc items Laschon Leverett, Unit #00522 10x10 many boxes and hshld items and misc items John Parker, Unit #00607 10x25 many boxes and hshld items and misc items Kris Hill, Unit #00723 10x30 many boxes and hshld items and misc items 1x

NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that on December 14, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. an Auction will be held for the purpose of satisfying a landlord lien. 243- Kelvin Carter- chairs, display cabinet, bags, tables, cushions 259- John Pack- mattress, vacuum, pictures, tv, tables, couch 369- Alexandra Johnsontreadmill, vacuum, washer, dryer, bed set, scooter, kitchen supply, bags, refrigerator, lamps, tv, hutch, papason chair 156- Michelle Wallacedryer, freezer, mattress, box spring, lamp, vinyl lp's, boxes, computer tower, mirrors, bags, paper work 180- Vilma Cordero- Misc Items 233- Julius Jerideau- china hutch, head board, boxes, mirror, chairs, bookshelf, fishing poles 370- Alexandra Johnsonmattress, bed set, mops, brooms, hutch, chair, box spring, table 226- Delores Harrisontires, rims, clothes, easy chair, freezer, fire extinguisher, plastic bags, shoes, floor heater 179- Freda Gibson- mattress, box spring, table, boxes, suit case, mirror, chest of drawers, blankets


VALLEY 783074

8400 Two Notch Road

Columbia, SC 29223

(803) 736-8582

NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that on December 14, 2017 at 11:00 a.m., an Auction will be held for the purpose of satisfying a landlord lien. E79- Greta Gross- misc items E22- Howard Braceyrefrigerator, speaker, table, bag, bible, paint machine B7A- Frankie Dossie- tv, couch, head board, lamps, mattress, box spring, clothes, washer, dryer, stock pot, entertainment center, speakers, safe, totes, hamper, misc bags D44- Sonya Goodwinrecliners, chest of drawers, table, mirrors, blankets, night stand C31- Clarissa Alford- mattress, couch, love seat, chairs, stroller, tricycle C75- Felicia Jenkins- totes, mattresses, boxes, chairs, vase, fish tank, dresser, water bottles, tiles, couch E102- Jean Butler- chairs, boxes, drums, toys, kerosene heater, entertainment center E105- Crystal Pittmantote, basket, papers, clothes, trash, paperwork C77- Shakiyla Thomastotes, boxes, clothes, toys, mattress, box spring, couch, bikes, bags, bed frame, books E15- Ametra Hart- lawn mower, fake flowers, wheel barrow, bags, tables, hamper, blankets, vase E86- Phillip Thompsondresser, chest of drawers, night stand, end table, painting, bed frame D19- Phillip Thompsonmisc items F34- Avis Holmes- misc items E59-60- Brit Godfrey-mattress, lamps, recliner, trash, broom, mop, D47-48- Mary Belueshelves, pictures, boxes, totes, vacuum, roaster, painting, ice cream maker, dresser, bed, shelves, side table, wire rack, blender, rugs E20- Ametra Hart- boxes, table, microwave, sewing machine, chairs D31- Audrey Blocker- misc items E96- Ashley Johnsondressers, misc items C62-Rosa Thorton- boxes, tables, bike, shelves, fan, toys, totes, mirror, roaster oven



125 Decker Park Road

Columbia, SC 29206

NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that on December 14, 2017 at 9:00 am an Auction will be held for the purpose of satisfying a landlord lien. B107-Rosa Baxter- freezer, mattress, box spring, table, chairs, totes, grill, boxes, bed frame B235- Jamie Wright- dresser, microwave, totes, radio, tv, suitcases, mattress, box spring, pillows, misc furniture C270- Kimberly Wrightdryer, boxes, clothes basket, clothes, vacuum C312- Tracy Sims- mattress, box spring, painting, tv, dresser, lamps, vacuum, misc items C425- Louise Ramseylamps, boxes, bags, totes, painting, mirrors, dresser C455- Andrena Creechbags, totes, toys, clothes, book sack, dvd's C443- Christopher Loganmattresses, box spring C454- Clifford Saunderscouch, mirror, rocking chair, bags, mop, suit case, misc items C548- Shirley Clifton-hose, mirror, boxes, bags, ladder, couch, cart, refrigerator, motorcycle, bed frame, misc items C516- Deja Sinkfield- mattress, box spring, broom, tote, dresser, bed frame B289- Mark Brown- misc items C421- Robert Crouchcouch, table, boxes, shelf, misc items C448- Daniel Wilkinsonchair, futon, dressers, toolbox, candles, wooden chair, file cabinet B040- Dikran Nubar Yacoubian- Misc Items



5604 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC 29206

803-787-5154 1x



Legal Publications In accordance with the provisions of South Carolina State Law, there being due and unpaid charges for which the undersigned is entitled to satisfy an owner's lien of the goods hereinafter described and stored at Life Storage; And, due notice having been given, to the owner of said property and all parties known to claim an interest therein, and the time specified in such notice for payment of such having expired, the goods will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder or otherwise disposed of. CASH ONLY AT TIME OF

SALE Life Storage, 5311A Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29212 (803) 798-3787 Auction Date: 21, December

2017 9:00 AM D103 - Chelsea Taylor - Household Goods/Furniture D164 - Shamirah Hamin - Household Goods/Furniture E132 - Michelle Haff - Bags Of Clothes, Misc Items, Debris

Life Storage, 10020 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC

29223 (803) 788-1438

Auction Date: 21, December 2017 10:00 AM C037B – Betty Rodoson – Household Goods/Furniture; TV/Stereo Equipment; Tools/Appliances; Boxes C046B – Melissa Huettner - Household Goods/Furniture; TV/Stereo Equipment D093 – Tranci Thomas - Household Goods/Furniture D146 – Meek Brown - Household Goods/Furniture E236 – Dana Murray - Household Goods/Furniture F315 – Sakoya Mack - Household Goods/Furniture G363 – Sandra Scott - Household Goods/Furniture H673 – Brittny Shaw - Household Goods/Furniture Life Storage, 7403 Parklane Rd, Columbia, SC

29223 (803) 699-1923

Auction Date: 21, December 2017 11:00 AM B56 - Dashawn Hough - Household Goods/Furniture D42 - Denise Adams - Household Goods/Furniture; TV/Stereo Equipment D43 - Denise Adams - Household Goods/Furniture E3 - Eugene Earle - Household Goods/Furniture F13 - Eldin A. Varela - Household Goods/Furniture; Carpet F58 - Toshiba Hargrove - Household Goods/Furniture G33 - Esther Browner - Household Goods/Furniture; TV/Stereo Equipment; Boxes H18 - Brian Isbell - Household Goods/Furniture

Life Storage, 2648 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC


(803) 779-6426 Auction Date: 21, December 2017

12:00 PM A13 - Brenda McBride - Household Goods/Furniture, TV/Stereo Equipment, Tools/Appliances A72 - Macy Arrington - Household Goods/Furniture, TV/Stereo Equipment B89 - Betty Keitt - Household Goods/Furniture B126 - Dajon Whitaker - Household Goods/Furniture B130 - Crystal Green - Household Goods/Furniture C250 - Deborah Scott Brooks - Household Goods/Furniture, Tools/Appliances, Sporting Goods, Boxes C251C - Kenney Geraldine - Household Goods/ Furniture, Sporting Goods, Boxes D264 - Jeffery Richards - Household Goods/Furniture, Boxes E314 - Crystal Bouknight - Household Goods/Furniture E377 - Kevin Smith - Household Goods/Furniture E418 - Demetrius Hughey - Household Goods/ Furniture

Life Storage, 7437 Garners Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC 29209 (803) 776-

7807 Auction Date: 21,

December 2017 2:00 PM 1020 - Lisa Lovett - Househ o l d Goods/Furniture,Clothes 1130 - Erik Poe - Househ o l d Goods/Furniture,Tv/Stereo Equip 2007 - Gianni Richardson- Household Goods/Furniture, Tv/Stereo Equip 2016 - Wanda Wroten - Household Goods/Furniture 2047 - Ashley Bush - Household Goods/Furniture 2055 - Tim Cumbee - Household Goods/Furniture 2089 - Levi Pruitt-Househ o l d Goods/Furniture,Tv/Stereo Equip,Tools/Appliances,La ndscaping/Construction Equip 3047 - Harvest Outreach - Office Furn/Machines/Equip 4004 - Brittany Boston - Household Goods/Furniture 4027 - Sophia Cornish - Household Goods/Furniture 4102 - Monic Carter - Boxes 5013 - Ashley Jones - Household Goods/Furniture 5026 - Deiona Long - Household Goods/Furnit ure,Tv/Stereo Equip,Tools/Appliances,Offi c e Furn/Machines/Equip,Boxe s 5051 - Adam Lawrence - Household Goods/Furniture, Tv/Stereo Equip 6006 - Shreeca Cornelius - Household Goods/Furniture 6142 -Latosha Myers - Household Goods/Furniture, Tv/Stereo Equip 9031 - Edward Dunn - Household Goods/Furniture B28 - Ginna Tejada - Household Goods/Furniture, Tools/Appliances

Life Storage, 6000 Garners Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC 29209 (803) 695-

6901Auction Date: 21,

December 2017 3:00PM 1089 - Mark Peake - Household Goods/Furniture 1098 - Mark Peake - Household Goods/Furniture 1009 - Caroline Reese - Household Goods/Furniture 2173 - Micheal Stephney - Household Goods/Furniture TV/Stereo Equipment- Tools/Appliances 3028 - Joyce DeVeaux - Household Goods/Furniture Boxes,Trunks, and Suitcases 3085 - Joyce DeVeaux - Household Goods/Furniture Boxes, Trunks, Suitcases, and Sporting Goods 3091 - Joyce DeVeaux - Household Goods,Boxes, Trunks, and Suitcases


All Bids Must Be Paid in

Cash All property now stored in the units listed below will be sold pursuant to the assertion of a lien for rent. If the tenant does not respond by December 18th 2017 their property will be sold on December 19th, 2017. The sale will be held at UStor Self Storage, 3415 Two Notch Rd. Columbia SC 29204 on December 19th, 2017 at 11:00 am. Natila Smith -unit#-C24- Deep freezer, chairs, clothes rack, lamp, baskets Richland county Sheriff Dept- unit#-O04- Boxes, bike, bench seat Michelle Stover-unit#-O11- Luggage, lamp boxes, lawn chair, baskets Tamara Bethel- unit#-S15- desks Laura White -unit#-S17- Chairs, stereo cabinet, end tables Iris Dupree -unit#-T07- Lamps, luggage, microwave, boxes Teresa Lorick -unit#-W17- boxes



PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction at the storage facilities listed below, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the location indicated: Store# 8458 - 1721 Clemson

Rd, Columbia, SC 29229, 803-865-4346 on 12-22-2017 1:00 PM: 141 Patricia McNeil- Furniture and Household item, 139 Keith Ward- Furniture, 216 Brandon Brownhousehold goods, 211 Janie Robinson- Household items and packing supplies, 046 Alonzo Muldrow- household, 365 Mary Frazierhousehold goods, clothes, 004 Lynn Mack- Household goods and clothing, 169 Greg Mcgill- Household goods, furniture, 039 Torledo Wall- Household items, 497 Tomya Privott- 2 bedroom apt, 019 Briana Johnson- Household goods, 401 Jennifer Hamilton- Overflow from 197, 245 Terrance Bennett- Clothesl, 142 Deanna Brown- office supplies,152 Lekedra Woods- Household items, furniture, refrigerator, 150 Cynthia Slaughter- clothes and misc small furniture, 006 Kimberly Watson- Boxes, totes, and a chair, 125 Toney Ford- Furniture, Household goods, 114 Keisha Anderson- refrigerator, washer, dryer, appliances, , 051 Carolyn Brown- 3 Bedroom and misc furniture boxes, 444 Freddie Rodgers-boxes, 348 Erika Gillard- King Bed, Dresser, Dining Table, 197 Joshua Portee-4 bedroom, washer, dryer,medium furnishing, 068 YLonda Byrd- Bedroom Furniture, washer, dryer, living room set, clothes, p13 Tyrone Frazier appliances Store# 8174- 2470 Decker Blvd Columbia, SC 29206, 803-201-4352 on 12-22-2017 1:30PM: #408 Twisted Spur Brewering restaurant items, #276 Vernon Delaney Household goods, #512 George Council Upright Piano/couch/loveseat/china hutch/ bed/ dresser/desk/dining table, #156 Reinesse Parsons Misc Goods/furniture, #610 Laquira Sims clothes/misc goods, #438 Alicia Martin misc household goods/furniture, #460 Leisha Davis misc household goods/furniture, #224 DeQuita Gladman Misc goods/clothing, #055 Mark Sturkey misc household goods/furniture, #189 Shametra McMillan Sectional/beds, 089 Quadeshia Witherspoon Misc household goods/furniture, #418 Teresa Singleton furniture/misc goods, #098 Jennifer Hamlin furniture/ toys Store# 1747- 512 Percival

Rd, Columbia SC 29206,

(803) 605-0843, on


1:45 PM 515 Brian Etheridge - Armoire, boxes, art, luggage, cooler, box springs, 506 Marie Ashworth-Allen – Furniture and household goods, 608 Tunnell Page – Beds and totes, 627 Omar Tinlaw – Bed, sectional sofa and boxes, 410 Candice Morris – Furniture and household items, 1039 Jessica Haskett – Boxes, 2 beds, 2 bedframes, 2 dressers, large tv, sectional, washer, dryer, 1041 Cassie Glenn – Furniture and other misc items, 523 Ashley Jordon – washer, bed set, household items, 622 Sharon Fogle – Furniture, W/D, TV and household items Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property.



PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction at the storage facilities listed below, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the location indicated:

Store# 1748 at 890 St

Peters Rd. Lexington,

SC 29072, 803-605-5680 on 12-22-2017 9:45AM 429 Quincy Compressors- Compressor goods, 529 Quincy Compressors – Compressor goods Store# 1744 at 120 Northpoint Dr. Lexington, SC

29072, 803-521-7376 on

12-22-2017 10:00AM: 428 Amy Conard-household goods, 212 Connie Zeisecouches household items 1721 Medley Matthewcheetah 16ft boat, 402 White Jr Butch Homerhome good items, 820 Amy Conard-household items, 420 Odom Steven-business supplies. 515 Dorina Scotthousehold items, 470 Melanie Glenn-household items, 342 Melanie Glennhousehold items, 542 Meredith George-household items, 960 Christen Perry-household items, furniture, 207 Richard Murray house hold goods, tools, electronics, 741 Traci Barrett 1-2 bedroom apartment, home goods items, 441 Altovise Goodwin-2 bedroom apartment, washer and dryer. 10x15, enclosed storage, Drive-up access.

Store# 8555 at 6169 St.

Andrews Rd Columbia SC 29212, 803-451-1219 on

12-22-2017 10:15AM: Rick Parker 103, household items; Miriam Fair 1009, furniture fixtures and 6 televisions; Barbara Green 1019 household furniture and clothing; Reynaldo Almendarez 1213, bedroom household; Brittany Ellisor 1241, 4 bedroom house w/ appliances and kitchen; Orick Brockington 1013, electronics, studio lights, sound equipment, buffer machines; Shelley Willis 1355, furniture boxes, totes; Michael Gant 1117, two bedroom, boxes, misc household; Wendy Ruocco 1553, household items; Precious Little Soles 1134, clothing goods; Precious Little Soles 1143, household items; Corey Smith 1227, home goods; Darren Patterson 1001, misc goods; Marcia Lettia Grooms 1437, furniture frames and fabrics; Margaret Dash 1385, bed queen boxes frig; Melanie Williams 1178, furniture; Brittney Wallace 1296, home goods; LeAnna Ledford 1545, misc home items; Cherrell Morton 1025, couch and small table twin bed; Duane Wages 1509, home goods; Lawrence McCray 1224, pool table, beds, loveseat, tv gym equipment, other small house stuff; Ivan Monts 1336, washer/ dryer/ king/ bed queen,cloths, kitchen table, couches 2; Branden Pierce 1575, home goods; Nicole Flowers 1413, home goods; Nicole Flowers 1412, home goods

Store# 1305 at 115 Harban Ct Columbia SC

29212, 803-732-8933 on

12-22-2017 10:30AM: 3142 Huff Law Firm LLC – files and office supplies, 2137 Natasha White - 2 Bedroom suites, washer and dryer, 2 mattresses and box springs, lamps, household goods, linens, 3 TVs, clothes and shoes, and totes., 1028 Shay Belton – Education Materials, 3067 Jaheart Williams – luggage, 1026 Edward Plyler – house hold items, collections, tables, 1013 Veronica Humphries – household items, 3172 Catherine Taylor – household items, 3015 Lethon Tucker – household items Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property.

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