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Heise sues Lexington Two

Gray Collegiate’s Emily Heise Gray Collegiate’s Emily Heise Six months after the initial report that Lexington School District Two filed a lawsuit against district parent Wayne McKim, the school district is getting sued itself.

Former Brookland- Cayce girls’ soccer coach Emily Heise has filed a Title IX lawsuit against the school district, Lexington Two board of trustees, superintendent Williams James, district CFO Kelly Richardson, Brookland- Cayce principal Gregg Morton, Brookland-Cayce athletic director/ head football coach/head baseball coach Rusty Charpia, and assistant athletic director/head basketball coach/assistant football coach Robert Wells.

In the suit, Heise cites many examples where girls’ sports at Brookland-Cayce such as soccer, softball, and volleyball were not treated equally to the boys’ sports.

One of the first examples mentioned was in regards to the budget, where none of the coaches from those three sports were notified of the allotted budget their teams had.

Heise claims in the suit, she was told she was not entitled to the funds as they were minimal. She was also instructed to raise the money for what her team needed.

Heise also cited having to borrow toilet paper from men’s restrooms at practice and game facilities after requests would go unanswered.

The suit cites Morton declared a girls’ soccer game, one of the biggest potential money-making games for the team, would be free for spectators.

The suit also states girls’ teams were not treated equally when it came to access to video equipment, uniforms, and security.

Heise claims she and other coaches were met with hostility when they requested transparency or attempted to address and remedy the inequities.

The Title IX suit is the latest in what has been a battle- filled year for both the district and the Heises.

In February, Heise’s husband and former Brookland- Cayce boys’ soccer coach Kevin Heise was placed on administrative leave for a speech he gave in class where it was alleged he mentioned Charpia’s salary.

After two derisive months where soccer fans and players made their support for Heise known, the longtime coach resigned. Shortly after Kevin’s resignation, both Heises joined Gray Collegiate.

In her suit, Emily Heise is requesting an order declaring the defendants have engaged in discrimination against the plaintiff and female students, and retaliation against Heise, on the basis of gender in violation of Title IX and the 14th amendment of the United States constitution.

She is also searching for a permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their officers, agents, employees, and successors from retaliation against the plaintiff and from continuing to maintain practices and policies of discrimination toward female athletes and coaches based on their gender, require the defendants adopt and implement a budget and plan which corrects the violation of Title IX including treatment comparable to that provided to male athletes, and award reasonable attorneys‘ fees and expenses.

Under the passage of Title IX, Lexington Two and Brookland- Cayce receive federal assistance and benefits.

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