2017-12-01 / On Second Thought

Thankful for new start

I’m thankful each day for a new start. As I reflect back, it allows me to say that life is full of lots of unknown, but I'm thankful for the many opportunities that my family’s current school, South Carolina Connections Academy, provides.

When we first enrolled in virtual, public school, my son had to spend extra time adjusting to the work load. During this time, the teachers, guidance counselor, tech support, and other staff was readily available with love and support.

Four years have passed since, and nothing has changed. There is a lot of love among everyone within the program, and this love has prompted me to talk about my family’s experience and vouch for the school’s program.

My child has participated in many field trips, including spending our spring break in Washington, D.C. The school’s field trips connect the students, teachers, staff, and parents, allowing them outside the classroom learning and social time with one another.

I’m grateful for South Carolina Connections Academy for relieving me of any school-related stress.

Our school allowed my student to go to Washington, D.C. and represent the state of South Carolina in a Youth Capture the Colorful Cosmos at the Smithsonian Museum.

We are thankful for South Carolina Connections Academy.

TreShaun and Barbara Ann Jacobs

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