2017-11-10 / News

Olympia dedicates historical marker

By Josh Cruse

Dr. Ehren Foley unveils the Olympia Cemetery marker. Dr. Ehren Foley unveils the Olympia Cemetery marker. Olympia residents assembled at the Olympia Cemetery Sunday, November 5 for a historical marker unveiling.

Robin Waites, of Historic Columbia Foundation, served as the guest speaker for Sunday’s events.

“I come to a lot of historic marker unveilings, and I’m not sure I’ve seen a crowd quite as large at the other unveilings,” Waites said. “What I see out of Olympia is three things. This is a community that really values your history. Secondly, people outside of Olympia are beginning to understand what this neighborhood is about. Lastly, this community understands what it means to have a sense of place. Residents of Olympia past and present set a really extraordinary example for others to follow.”

Olympia cemetery chairman Joby Castine hosted the event, which concluded with Dr. Ehren Foley unveiling the marker by the flagpole, which held a flag that once flew over the South Carolina statehouse.

The South Carolina National Guard played the National Anthem, God Bless America, and America The Beautiful. Sunday’s events also included pastors from the different Olympia churches, including Pastor Andrew Isenhower and Pastor Brian Lee.

The Olympia cemetery was established in 1904, serving the families of the mill workers from Capital City, Richland, Olympia, and Granby Mills.

According to Foley, the historical marker program began in 1936.

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