2017-10-13 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Twelth Street: Police were called to a business at 3 p.m. Thursday after employees said a “drunk man” was causing problems and disrupting their ability to serve customers. When the officers arrived, they found a man yelling at the employees and leaning over the counter in what could be perceived as a threatening manner. The man was holding a bag of fried chicken and seemed to want one of the female employees to have some. When she declined, that’s when the other employees told the officer the man became angry and began to yell. One of the officers approached the man and tried to talk to him to see what the problem was, but the man then turned his anger onto the officer. He began yelling and screaming at him, using profanity and racial slurs. Because he was holding the chicken in front of him, the officer didn’t initially smell the alcohol on the man, but the officer had answered two previous calls in the area that same day about the man disturbing other businesses, so he knew he had been drinking. He asked the man how much he had had to drink and the man told him “a lot.” The man told the officer he had “been drinking all day.” The officer tried to explain to the man his being inebriated and causing problems was the reason the police were called, but then the man got angry again and began swearing, yelling, and using obscene language and more racial slurs. He was charged with public disorderly conduct and taken to jail. The employees told the officer taking the report the man had come in earlier that day to pay a bill, and he was already intoxicated then. They said he got angry and left the first time but returned a short time later with the chicken and wanted one of the female employees to “eat it” with him. When she declined, that’s when the employees said the man “went off.” Reports said the man screamed and swore at the arresting officers all the way to jail but calmed down during the booking process and was processed without further incident.

Sunset Blvd.: A man was arrested at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday after receiving a report of a man urinating in public along the roadway. When the officers arrived, the man who made the call was still there, and he told them he saw the other man urinate in the grass along the sidewalk of the road. The accused man admitted he did “relieve himself ” but went on to explain he was walking home and “just couldn’t hold it” any longer. The man was only two blocks from two gas stations but he said he “had to go” then and there. He was charged with breach of piece and taken to jail without further incident.

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