2017-10-13 / Business

One Columbia and Palmetto Luna Arts partner to create mural for Main Street

Contributed by One Columbia

One Columbia for Arts and History and Palmetto Luna Arts have partnered to install a mural on 933 Main Street. The mural will be created on the side of Immaculate Consumption behind the South Carolina Statehouse.

The mural will be designed and installed by artists Lauren Andreu and Daniel Andreu.

The mural design is derived from an Aztec legend about solar eclipses where witches take the place of the stars, and it was believed they would come down and devour the earth if it was not taken care of by its inhabitants.

The mural is a representation of how the recent total eclipse brought the community together to look at the sky at the same moment and represents one of the important landscapes that are part of the identity of the United States. The mural will depict a landscape of Bears Ears National Monument and the color scheme will reflect a Southwestern style.

“ With this project, we are helping to build a sense of community where Latinos are represented," said Ivan Segura, executive director of Palmetto Luna Arts.

This mural project is also being created as part of a partnership with 933 Main Street Partners who own the property.

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