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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Contributed by ASPCA

Buddy, Tahini, and Leo Buddy, Tahini, and Leo It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and we want to take a moment to share the stories of three dogs whose lives—once lived in fear and neglect—were completely transformed by adoption.

Buddy, Leo and Tahini are just a few of the inspiring tales to come from the ASPCA, and they serve as testament to the incredible difference your support to shelters makes to countless animals in need.


Buddy would have most likely spent his life tethered to a heavy chain, knowing only violence and neglect. But his rescue from the second-largest dog fightin g case in the U.S. gave him a chance to live the life every puppy deserves. His adoption gave him even more. As a grown dog, Buddy has travelled the country, (literally) climbed mountains, and now enjoys a life filled to the brim with adventure, love, and most importantly— family.


Tahini was found after being tied up and abandoned in a local park. Despite her rough past, Tahini never once showed signs of her trauma— remaining sweet, affectionate and trusting. While in our foster program, Tahini charmed her foster parent, and the pair soon found that they were inseparable. Tahini now spends her days sunbathing in her home with her feline friend, and giving all her love to her pet parent.


After being rescued from a hoarding situation, Leo was in a constant state of fear and unrest. Things we normally think come easily for dogs were difficult for him due to intense fear and mistrust.

But Leo found an adopter who wasn’t going to give up on him, and little by little every day they face Leo’s fears together. Now the traumas of his past are behind him, and Leo knows the comfort of a home and what it means to be loved.

Stories like these remind us that while adoptions happen every day, there are still millions of animals across the nation wondering when their second chance will come. Help us give them what Buddy, Leo, and Tahini were able to find: warm laps, soft beds, and kind hearts.

If you are looking for a dog to complete your family, look at the shelters in your area that you trust. You may save a life and find the unconditional love and a canine.

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