2017-10-06 / Arts & Entertainment

Ballet Rocks! Columbia Classical Ballet unveils a new Rock ’n Roll dance event

Contributed by Columbia Classical Ballet

When you think of Classical Ballet, you probably think of elegant dancers in 16th century styled costumes acting out romantic literary masterpieces with renowned orchestral pieces providing a moving backdrop to the drama.

If you have been waiting for something a little different and feeling like you can’t get no dance satisfaction, then Columbia Classical Ballet may have some good, good vibrations in store for you this fall.

Take an award-winning company of international classical ballet dancers, mix in some of the most iconic rock ’n roll from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and add the inspirational movement design of Rick McCullough, guest choreographer, and you get something very different and very special.

McCullough has called his new ballet, Imagine: Bal let Rocks. “ This is a ballet for the whole family featuring some of the best music from the early days of rock ’n roll, a mixture of classical and modern variations we think will bring a night of moving entertainment.

The early rock ’n roll songs have turned out to be very durable. The Beatles, Joplin, Beach Boys, and others are not just popular for a 50-70-year-old age group…new generations keep re-discovering their music and falling in love with it.

We hope they will fall in love with the combination of music, dance, and story that we all— Radenko Pavlovich, the dancers, the original musical artists— have produced for them. Columbia, we think you will find that Ballet Rocks!”

Artistic director Radenko Pavlovich has brought the award-winning choreographer to Columbia to do something different, “We have been partnering with Rick for many years now and his works have meant a lot to the audiences here in Columbia.

“I wanted Rick to do something different and have complete freedom to create a piece from the ground up. When you give someone like Rick full creative control on a project you know you will get something special. We are very excited to share this piece with Columbia.”

So, if you have stayed away from Classical Ballet because you don’t resonate with the normal fare of 16th Century stories, symphonies, and gestures, it may be time to venture out to the Koger Center October 13 for an exciting remix.

Contact the Koger Center at www.kogercenterforthearts.com for tickets to Imagine: Ballet Rocks or www.columbiaclassicalballet.com for season tickets.

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