2017-09-08 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres

Forest Drive: Police were called to a grocery store at 8 a.m. Tuesday after a woman’s plot to steal over $2,000 worth of merchandise was thwarted. When officers arrived, the store employee who had approached the woman told them a woman in her early to mid-40s had come into the store shortly after it opened. He said she perused the store aisles and at some point took out a plastic black bag. She began to shove various merchandise into the bag she had brought with her and then proceeded to put larger items in her cart. As they watched, the woman then pushed her cart past all the cash registers and headed out the door. Two employees followed her, beckoning her to stop. At that point, she shoved the cart toward them, ran to her car, and fled the scene.

Richland County

Two Notch Road: Police were called to a drug store at 9 a.m. Tuesday after an employee reported another employee stealing razors. The male employee who called in the heist said another female employee showed up Tuesday morning even though it was her day off. He said she walked into the store carrying an obviously empty purse and went to the women’s hygiene part of the store. As he watched, he said the woman filled her purse with several different brands and types of razors and then walked out the front door to her waiting car. He said the woman had left the car backed up to the entrance to the store so her license plate was easily visible. She then drove away without further incident with almost $200 worth of razors. Because she worked for the store, she stole from and because everything was caught on video tape along with her car and its tag, she has been identified. Police believe the woman was the same one who had tried to steal a cart full of merchandise in Forest Acres a short time earlier as her description and her car matched what witnesses at the first store told them. At the time of this report, she still hadn’t been apprehended but police are looking for her.

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