2017-08-11 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Charleston Highway: Police were called to a business at 6 p.m. Friday after the employees said a man was “hiding” in the bushes on the property. When officers arrived, they spotted the man’s feet from the parking lot and approached him. He was sitting on the ground and leaning against the bushes holding a 40-ounce beer in his hands. They could smell alcohol emitting from his person as they got closer, and the man was obviously inebriated. His eyes were bloodshot, and his speech was slurred. He made no attempt to stand up when the officers were peering at him over the bush hedges. One of the officers asked him how much he had had to drink, and he assured the policeman he had only “had a few swallows” just before they arrived. He offered to let the officers hold the bottle to “see how full” it was, but due to the fact there were three empty other bottles just like the one he was drinking from lying on the ground around him; they declined. He was helped up and charged with public drinking and taken to jail.

Meeting Street: Police were called to a restaurant at noon Thursday after employees said a woman refused to leave and was causing a disturbance. They also told the officers the woman had caused trouble before and had been trespassed from the premises previously. She was refused service but still wouldn’t leave. When officers arrived she was sitting at a table inside the eatery and screaming profanities loud enough to be heard outside. The responding officers approached her and asked her what all the screaming was about. She told them she was having a “bad day” and “felt like venting.” She denied “knowing anything” about being recently trespassed from the business, but the records showed she had been asked to leave and not return last August. She was then charged with trespassing after notice. During the arrest, the woman became violent and refused to follow orders or let the officers handcuff her. She threw herself on the ground and rolled into a “ball” position while not allowing herself to be searched. When she calmed down, a glass pipe that was packed with pieces of a Brillo pad was found in her pocket. It was the type of pipe commonly used to smoke narcotics so the charge of possession of drug paraphernalia was added.

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